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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Why don’t they make them like they used to…

I used to love watching comedy programmes but is it just me or “don’t they make them like they used to”??  I know I sound like an old granny but I can’t remember last time I saw a good comedy programme.  Granted if I don’t pre-record them I wouldn’t know they exist, but I do talk to other people and no-one ever recommends or talks about a good one so I never record one.   When I do sit and watch tv my favourite programmes are most definitely the modern day detective ones like all the CSI’s, all the Law and Order’s, The Closer, The Mentalist, Dexter etc. – although I think I probably watch too many as when I watch the occasional English detective programmes I find myself saying “but if they test that for….”!  Perhaps the people who write the English programmes should watch the US ones too so they know the current forensic procedures.

When there are no detective type programmes left to watch, I used to watch the house programmes – buying one here, buying abroad, houses falling down, improving your own one but there are so many now that I have got bored with them (there you see, that word again – bored, that my hubby keeps saying I use).  I never seem to get bored with detective programmes though, especially forensic type ones.  I do like a good drama as well, but they seem few and far between.  Ooh and medical programmes, unless they turn them into sitcoms after a while.  I used to love ER, Casualty and Holby City but somehow along the line the English ones changed from being all about the patients and medical problems to all about the doctors and nurses who just happened to work in a hospital.  Well actually the same happened to one of our foresic programmes, Silent Witness.  One medical programme that I still do love to watch though is House – they manage to get the right mix of personal stuff about the characters as well as the medical stuff about the patient – but then again it is a US programme.

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