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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

How it started...

Today I was thinking back to when I first started making jewellery when my kids were babes - ooh how long ago that seems now!  I really don’t know how or why I started doing it (making jewellery that is – not having babies) but somehow, probably due to my lifelong love of pretty things and especially with jewellery, I got involved with making and selling it.   I can remember going off to the suppliers and buying the things I needed to start making them – in those days I was buying cabochons to glue on to settings to make all types of jewellery and I used cameo type picture ones as well as gemstone ones.  In my spare time – do you get “spare time” when you have 2 youngsters to look after??? – I would sit at the kitchen table with all my equipment and spend hours choosing and glueing.  The windowsill used to be adorned with bracelets etc. while the glue dried and I had to keep an eye on them so that they didn’t slip off the settings a bit or they would end up lopsided.  I suppose it must have been partly my release from looking after the children all day but also my attempt at being a working mum.  I started selling them party-plan style to friends and it went for there really.  But then when my youngest at the time started school and I started working again, my jewellery making went back to just being an occasionally hobby, mainly just making things for me. 

I also used to design weird and wacky jewellery to wear as well – especially pendants and necklaces.  Oddly enough I used to sometimes change clothes to be weird and unusual as well but somewhere along the line I got to hate sewing but still loved jewellery making.  I have now managed to gain a whole box full of things that need mending and do wonder that if they have lived in the box for so many months (if not more than a year) if I really need to bother mending them anyway as I (or we) obviously haven’t missed them!  Shall I sneak them into the bin instead???  It would certainly make more space if I did that and who would notice?  I know I am absolutely terrible about getting rid of things – I am a terrible hoarder.  I have forgotten what is actually in the “to be mended” box but if I took the things out to throw away I know I wouldn’t bring myself to do it if I saw them, so the only way I could possibly do it is if I just put the box in the bin without looking.  Some of the mending would only be a 5 minute job as well but it is just the thought of getting the sewing box out!!!  Do you hate doing certain jobs and sidetrack them as much as possible?? Or is it just me?

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