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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Fluffy Baked Eggs

I have heard of baked eggs but never seen a recipe or ever tried to make them before so not sure if I make them the correct way or not - if there is a correct way.

So this was my first attempt and what I will call Fluffy Baked Eggs.

This is so easy and would probably be a good way for children to like eggs as they could probably make different shapes with them.

The longest bit is waiting for the oven to heat up!

I will tell you what I did this time but it is an 'Eggs in Process' to see which way I prefer after trying out various options.

They do look good and interesting though and hubby was impressed!

OK, so I just whisked the egg whites, dolloped them in a pile on the tray, made a dip in the centre and dropped the yolk in and baked them in the oven at 180 degrees for about 8 minutes until they started to go brown.

They taste very light and airy so unlike any other version of cooking eggs.

I think I will also try putting them in a cooler oven and let the yolks cook for a few minutes before I add the yolks in the centre which may make a crispier alternative with a runnier yolk.

But I think you could make these into interesting shapes for the kids and get them involved with cooking them.

Happy baking and experimenting :)

Where have I been?

I have neglected my Blog for so long because I now post everything on G+.  You can always find me on there but I will try to be better and post more on here too.

I've been debating whether to keep it running because I didn't think anyone ever read it but when I came one here today I was totally shocked as to how many people read it.

Of course you are all probably new people who haven't met me on G+ or haven't got sick of reading my blog yet :)

But I should probably post on here more often and it is definitely a good place to put the odd recipe I make up so I can find it again, which brings me to the reason I came on here today.

I often (well most of the time really) make up recipes as I go along and 99% of the time they turn out great which makes me feel extremely lucky as some people have many failures even with recipes from a book.

I tend to just add things on the spur of the moment and so often my meals / cakes etc. are either very or slightly different from before.

If a particular dish turns out really tasty I often try to jot down what I put in it on a piece of paper when I have finished eating it so I can make it again.  

That's not easy though as I as I don't measure anything and just add a sprinkle of this or shake of that and a dollop of something else.   

But it would be a good idea if I got myself in gear and not just write these things on scraps of paper I can never find again but on my blog.