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Friday, 30 March 2012

Using a Laptop

You should have seen me - I have just been trying out the laptop because my PC is showing signs of not lasting too much longer but I just can’t seem to get on with it.  Talk about ham-fisted or that thing where you twirl your hand one way over your head and the other way on your tummy with the other hand.  LOL - I had no idea what I was doing at first. 

The typing part seems ok but trying to move anything or get to anything without a mouse is awful – I am just not sure I could get used to it so it seems I may have to save up for a new PC after all.  I know I could use the mouse with it but it would be better if I could just move it from room to room without wires hanging everywhere instead of being stuck in the office all day every day.  I was even wondering if I could use it in the garden if the wi-fi reached that far and if I could see the screen out in the sunshine.

I was very good and spent quite a long time trying it today but I just gave up in the end – I am not known for my patience in doing things.  If I am going to do it I want it done now J  So filly-faddling around with my finger on the “square thingy” was not the easiest of things or the quickest.  I lost a few messages by just slightly touching on the wrong thing.  Why does that thing never go where you want it to and when you have it just line up to click the button below it disappears again.  I had things shooting all over the place and things opening that I didn’t want. 

As for trying to scroll down at the side – well as far as I know you can’t without getting the mouse over there and clicking it before hitting page up or down or the arrows.  Talk about cack-handed – I was useless.  I am not kidding – it must have taken me 4 times as long at least to do the few things I was trying to do on there.  Definitely not for someone as impatient as me unless I really can get the hang of it!


Can any regular readers tell me if they miss the trivia and chuckles I used to post at the end of each blog. 
I have been trying to just blog once or twice a week and with this new format.  But if you want me to bring back the trivia and chuckles I am more than happy to do so if you just let me know you want them back.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Out of Hibernation

It is lovely here today - warm and sunny - a beautiful spring day.
LOL - it makes me realise I am going to have to come out of hibernation and get some extra things done around the house.  Also to find some different clothes to wear as jumpers have just been a tad too warm the last couple of days – where did all the clothes I wore in the autumn disappear – like my memory they seem to have vanished from my wardrobe.  I need to investigate in the depths of my shelves to see where they have ended up.


After 6 years of living here after downsizing I am still feeling too cramped and it really seems to come to the fore after the winter.  I think I tend to naturally hibernate in the winter and stay in all wrapped up but come the spring I want to let the sun in and have nice bright rooms but it doesn't really happen in this house as they built it with the windows in the wrong places
J  I want more women architects – who puts a kitchen with a window on the side of the house facing next door and a utility room next to it with a window facing the garden – I ask you!  I know, I should have realised that when we bought the house but to be really honest we bought it in November when it was dull anyway and the house itself is lovely if only there were no close neighbours to prevent the light coming in.   I would love to be able to  move up to a bigger house again, not necessarily with more rooms but with bigger rooms as I feel too cramped, that and the fact that all my stuff from the bigger house is crammed into a smaller one, instead of me bring ruthless enough to get rid of some of it.  But I am a collector and once things arrive they rarely leave unless they are broken.


I could, and should, have spent the winter sorting things such as putting all my CD's on to the computer and selling the CD's (but I haven't got an ipod so could only listen on the computer then).  I have literally hundreds if not thousands of CD's and of course they all take up space - 4 large carousels and 2 whole cabinets of them.  I hate to admit it but I have all my old records (albums and singles), all in pristine condition in boxes up in the loft (and cassettes).  I have a wide taste in music from pop to rock and from classical to new age.  I suppose my favourite music is soft rock and new country (which I tend to think of as soft country rock).  Actually thinking uploading all those, it would probably slow down the computer with that much music taking up the valuable space on my 6 year old PC that is showing signs of not being able to cope already.  I think I really do need to start saving for another one. 

Friday, 16 March 2012

Where's My Meringue?

What is it about men (or my man) that they can’t follow the most basic instructions that you give them?

Earlier this week we went to the dentist which is in a different town (well and county actually) to where we live now but we still go back as we like the dentist.  While we were there we bought some of our favourite cakes from a shop over there (the only place we can get them from) – he likes their fresh cream and jam scones and I like their meringues (very small half shells which are chocolate coated on the bottom and held together with whipped fresh cream and have a strawberry on top.

Later that evening before I had chance to eat my meringues I developed tummy pains and spent the next few hours in and out of the bathroom keeping the seat warm in there.  The next day I decided the best thing was to not eat anything for 24 hours so I said to hubby on two separate occasions to take the cream out of my meringues and have it with his scones.  I figured this would save them from going soggy and I would be able to enjoy them the following day with some fresh cream that we had bought for some strawberries.

Well the next morning I came down to get some breakfast and went to the fridge for the milk when I spotted the meringue box with only one meringue in it (minus the cream)!!! One of his scones was still sitting there too (laughing at me from its box, I swear!).  When I irately enquired as to where my meringue had gone he said “I thought that was what you meant – to put all the cream on one meringue and eat it”.  To say I was not amused is an understatement as I knew we wouldn’t have chance to get again for them for another 6 month.  All the next day I was longing to have them but was very good and waited until the following day just to be safe, so to find that I had suddenly been deprived due to my hubbies total stupidity yet again of not being able to follow basic instructions was just soooo disappointing.  I had made sure I explained it clearly to him on two separate occasions - when I thought of it and when he was going to eat them. Why do men only half listen and make the rest up to fit in their minds – or is it just my hubby?  At least I enjoyed the second small meringue but as they are so small one is just not enough.

LOL - I am sitting on a pillow whilst typing this as I couldn’t believe it but I have bruised the back of my thighs from spending too long sitting “on the throne” when I had my tummy problems earlier in the week!  Obviously we need to have a more rounded seat.  Perhaps they should invent padded seat covers for such occasions!  

But definitely more padding than on this one:

Friday, 2 March 2012

Anyone for Sushi?

I have a friend who recently tried Sushi at a restaurant in London and was rather disappointed – she had been so looking forward to it too.  Luckily her husband loved it and it was his birthday present after all, so all’s well that ends well J  But it got me thinking about where you can get certain food in restaurants when you are “out in the sticks” in the country as we are and how far you have to travel to get something a bit different.

Sushi is not a meal we can get around our area.  We have quite a variety of different foods available locally but definitely not Sushi.  We must have about eight Chinese restaurants and takeaways, the same for Indian food, Pizzas, Kebabs, good old English fish and chips and the odd Italian restaurant all in our nearest quite small town.  A bit further afield there are obviously a lot more but I can’t even imagine if there is a nearer Sushi restaurant than London.

So I guess, unless we want a trip to London, it is make your own Sushi.  After all, it can’t be that hard if you don’t have to cook it – LOL.  There are a whole load of Sushi recipes online to try.  I noticed one recipe called for ½ cup “imitation crabmeat” – what on earth is that? I can only think they mean “fish sticks” which used to be called “crab sticks” over here years ago.  Then there are “nori seaweed sheets” – well that is not something you can buy in any of our local supermarkets.  So maybe this making your own Sushi isn’t so easy after all.

Time to try another recipe – an easy one this time – it called for fresh tuna fish (so far so good), Sushi rice (well maybe not too hard as I guess it may be rice cooked in fish stock – but need to check that).  Then I hit the last ingredient – “wasabi paste” – what the heck is that!  I just know my local supermarket wont stock that!  End of that recipe too!

OK, so I check out Traditional Japanese Sushi – that can’t be too hard – straightforward with nothing fancy like some of the others.  Nope – apart from fish (easily acquired) the recipe also calls for the non-existent around these parts “seaweed sheets” and the “wasabi paste again”.  It must be a bit boring all these recipes calling for the same things J

So if I did want to try Sushi (which I don’t think I am that bothered about) it will have to be a long trip to the capital and find some in London!  I don’t even fancy raw fish.  I do like my food cooked, although I do like smoked salmon.  I don’t even like many shellfish – only prawns and shrimps.  I just cannot see any reason to swallow something whole like oysters – I mean what the heck, where is the taste in that?  I like my food so I like to chew my food.  If I am going to have calories I need to think I have enjoyed them on the way down!  I dare say, though, that Sushi made properly is really nice.  If I ever get to try some I will let you knowJ

Today’s trivia snippet:

The average lead pencil will draw a line 35 miles long or write approximately 50,000 English words.

Lastly, todays chuckles:

On the first day of school, a first-grader handed his teacher a note from his mother.
The note read, 'The opinions expressed by this child are not necessarily those of his parents.'


A woman was trying hard to get the ketchup out of the jar.
During her struggle the phone rang so she asked her 4-year-old daughter to answer the phone.  'Mommy can't come to the phone to talk to you right now. She's hitting the bottle.'