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Friday, 7 October 2011

Blog Tutorial – How to Centre your Header and Footer on Blogger

OK, today I am showing you something else on Blogger which I had promised to do but I will be back to my normal blogs tomorrow.  So this is for anyone who is new to Blogger or hadn't figured out how to do this yet. 

My banners had always been stuck over to the left ever since I started my blog but I had no idea how to change them until recently.  I had managed to get the words on my header more or less central but only by juggling them around with the space bar etc. so that they looked better.  Now my Header and Footer are both central on the page and look so much betterJ

After searching for ages I found out how to do it so I thought I would do another tutorial to show you how to do this if, like me, you didn’t know how, or even if, you could change it.

Click Design at the top right of your blog.

Down the left hand side click Template.

Click the Customise sign in the orange box in the middle left of the page under Live On Blog.  
This brings up a new page with a dark part along the top and your blog underneath.  
This is the dark box that you originally used when you set up your blog initially.

Click the Advanced tab at the bottom of the left hand row.  
This brings up a new dark top part.

Slide the blue bit down to the bottom and click Add CSS.

This brings up 3 options:

.foot .Image {text-align:center}
.header .Image {text-align:center;}
#Header1_headerimg {margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto}

They will all centre a heading but depending upon which blog type you use, I presume.

I found the middle one worked for me -     .header .Image {text-align:center;}

If one doesn’t work then try one of the others as they will either work with your layout of not. 

When you are happy with the result click Apply to Blog in the orange box at the top right corner of the original one you were working on.

Click Back to Blogger (in the top row) and you are done.

So all you need to remember is to click these:

Design, Customise, Advanced, Add CSS

I hope I have made this clear and easy to understand.

For more tutorials check the side panel for the list.  

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