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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Why Am I So Unfit?

Well it’s another “off the cuff” blog today as I have been out all day.  I seem to have spent all day on my feet after saying yesterday about spending all day on my bum.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be back on my bum and writing this!  My husband had a dental appointment just after lunch (well after everyone else’s lunchtime but not long after breakfast for us as we are owls) so off we trekked back to the town I grew up as that is where we both go to the dentist.  I had some pendants to post so I took them with me to post while he was in the dentist.  It made me realise how lucky I am to live in a village and use a village post office.  The dentist is in one of those towns where they closed the main post office (which was huge) and put it in the back of a mini supermarket type place at the furthest end of town to where everything else is, and from where the main post office used to be. 

No problem I thought as it is just round the corner from the dentist surgery.  So off I toddled while he went into the dentist 15 minutes early for his appointment at 2.15 p.m.  Well the queue was so long in the small post office part of the shop and everyone took SO LONG that is was ridiculous.  What on earth were they doing at the counter – some were getting their car tax (bearing in mind we are now on 4th October and as far as I recall when I got mine a couple of months ago, you can’t even get your new tax that starts at the end of this month until after the 5th of the month.  So I presume the people who were getting it today were either late or had bought new cars.  Anyway that was only a couple of them so what on earth were the others doing taking so long – we were dozing off in the back of the queue in the warm shop in the warm again “summer in autumn” weather.  When I finally reached the front of the queue I must have been the quickest by far as all I needed was proof of posting for my packages. 

I finally got back round to the dentist surgery at 2.50 p.m.!  He was still in with the dentist though so it just meant I had less magazine reading time than I had expected.  They seemed to just have the radio on in the waiting room today (must be a local station as the presenters were absolute rubbish) but normally they have a video running as well about how to clean your teeth and what your mouth will end up looking like if you don’t – a very good way of getting you to clean your teeth properly and regularly I would think – but not so good for the dentist’s bank balance if you did exactly what they showed you to do to keep sparkling clean teeth.

What I noticed most though was how unfit I have become over this last year since my Achilles tendonitis.  We used to dance all night doing some really fast dances and my brain was active as we had to learn 2 or 3 new dance routines a week.  I had no problem with fitness or learning the routines.  But as I could hardly even walk around the house last year and have only gradually been able to walk further and over slightly bumpier ground I just hadn’t realised how unfit I had become!  But today when I went round to the post office which wasn’t that far at all I was puffing like a steam train. 

The stupid thing was that I had never been to the post office since it had been in the shop and someone had told me it was in the back of the newsagents.  Well off I marched in my usual fashion of not taking notice of anything around me and as I get up to where I knew a newsagents used to be I realised it wasn’t there any more so I walked a bit further (definitely a slow puffing steam train by now as it was uphill and against a strong wind – that’s my excuse anyway) and then I realised I was way past where I was told it was so was just trying to see if there was a sign up when I heard 2 ladies going down the hill saying “I didn’t think it was this far” so I guessed they may also be going to the post office.  So I turned round and headed back down again looking for anywhere that the stupid post office could be.  Well there was a little clue in the form of one of those A shaped boards outside (that people complain get in the way of their 60 mile an hour mobility scooter) advertising they sell lottery tickets and the oval Post Office sign on the wall outside the shop but more importantly there was this whacking great huge red round postbox outside the shop and I had totally missed them all as I had walked past on my mission to get further up the road.  Just goes to prove my point I have mentioned before that I am just so unobservant!!!  I could have saved my puffing lungs – although really it was very good for me and also brought up the point very clearly to me that I am now totally totally unfit which I hate as I have always been fit.  Today proved that a year without dancing (or any form of exercise at all) has proved so bad for me.  I will be so pleased when the consultant allows me to go dancing again.

We went to the supermarket after that and fought our way round the doddery OAP’s and the mums with prams and screaming toddlers.  We normally go in the evening but had thought we would do the shopping as we were out anyway.  We only go about once every 3 weeks when we find we have completely run out of fresh vegetables.  But the only trouble is with shopping so infrequently is the amount you have to put away when you get home!  So I have not been on the computer all day and decided I must write my blog before I even look at Google+ or Facebook as I may get waylaid.  Ok then, signing off for today.

Anyway, here is todays wonderful snippet of trivia:

Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?

The chuckle for today:

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