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Monday, 3 October 2011

My Monday Ramblings After the Hot Weekend

I hope everyone has had a good weekend.  It has been so incredibly warm here in my part of England – sunbathing weather and it’s October!!!  Having been out for 2 meals in 2 nights with friends though (extremely unusual for us) and the days being so nice it seemed a shame to waste them indoors, so I haven’t got too much done.  Oh and then I discovered yesterday that it was a free listing weekend on ebay (I don’t know how I nearly missed it this time – I am sure they didn’t send me the usual email!) so had to get my finger out quick and list 100 items so all in all I didn’t have time to blog yesterday and hadn’t really got one prepared for today either so, as 50% of my blogs are, this is an off-the-cuff write as I go along blog.  I have been having problems with Word as well – I have somehow lost by margins so can’t move them.  So I spent some time trying to get them back, which I still haven’t managed to do, but what I have done now is lost my toolbar at the top that lets me change the font, size, colour etc. so will have to spent some more wasted time sorting that out later or tomorrow.  The more we use these things the more time we waste trying to sort them out when they go wrong!

As I have been away from the computer a bit I found I was desperately trying to catch up with all the posts in my stream / newsfeed which takes ages when you haven’t been on for a while.  It made my wonder who sees my posts when I list a new item or Networked Blogs publishes my blogs on my Facebook page.  Do people see them at all if they have a busy stream I wonder?  Do we all feel compelled to catch up on everything we have missed or do we just skim over the most recent activity.  We do so much on the computer these days for everything and not just the media sites that we are totally lost if we lose our internet connection or have a problem with the computer.  Everything we do is so based on technology that we are totally lost without the computer/internet and our mobile phone.  Could you go for a week without them???  If I wasn’t on holiday and just at home I think I would be tearing my hair out.  It’s like having a power cut or your boiler breaking down in winter.  My bum sits on this chair for so long each day I am not surprised it is chair shaped!  When I was working in an office all day I got up to do other things so much more than I do now.  If I am not on the computer I am sitting making jewellery.  Now and again I think I ought to fit in a bit of housework – LOL – usually the minimal amount unless I know someone is coming round.

Now the nights are drawing in we have to take the dogs for a walk earlier so we tend to see a lot of other dog walkers out as well because everyone is cramming their evening walks into a smaller space of time.  Tonight was a bit of a pain though as we had to double back on our walk due to seeing other dogs that we try to avoid.  One is a great big Alsatian who just gets our 2 (especially one of them) on the ground and wont let them up.  The owner seems to think her dog is being friendly even though her dog has his mouth round the neck of the one laying on her back on the ground!  Just because her dog doesn’t actually close her mouth and rip the throat out of one of ours is not the point.  The others that we try to avoid are a pack of about 8 black Labradors that the owner has no control over who are never on leads and they tend to gang up on other dogs.  In fact they set upon and attacked our last dog (that has passed over now) while he was on the lead and really hurt him.  After that he was never the same easy-going placid dog again with other dogs and was  wary of them and he always growled at any black Labradors.  Tonight when we out walking we saw the Alsatian in the distance so hung back and diverted a different way only to see the Labs a bit further along that route so we had to double back the way we came.

Time for my useless snippet of Trivia today: 

Why do banks charge a fee due to insufficient funds when they already know you're broke?


And todays chuckle:

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