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Monday, 29 August 2011

5 Tips on How to Like pages and add friends on Facebook without risk of receiving a ban.

I thought I would some more Facebook tips today, especially for those with business pages.

1.     Only add 5 new friends a day – always write a message for each request and keep each message worded differently
2.     Only Like 5 new pages a day and, unless you need to, don’t add a message on their wall
3.     If you do want to Like someone’s page and let them know about you, then don’t add a link at that stage, just say from @(your business name) – this is known as tagging.  You can always add a link to your website or a product at another time.  If they Like you back, then they will automatically get the posts you add to your own page.
4.     Only leave the maximum of 5 links a day on other people’s walls
5.     Only add up to 5 posts a day on your own business wall so that people don’t get fed up of all your posts and Unlike you.


You can go over these safe limits, but if you do take it slowly and spread them throughout the day.  If you get a warning stop immediately and “lay low” for a day or so by not Liking people or adding friends but you can join in wall discussions or add posts as normal to your business page.  Adding 5 a day is better than adding 20 and then being banned for 15 days (which seems to be the current ban time).


If you do “normal” things in between like using the wall for posts and answering messages or joining in with other comments then FB classes that as “normal activity” but if you only ever add friends or Like people then it hits the FB algorithm which flags up that you are indulging in spamming activities.  It doesn’t have exceptions for the new people who want to add loads of friends as it is merely a machineJ


Presumably the more you are on FB and join in with everything else then you could probably Like and befriend people a lot more than this as it would still seem like normal activity.


You also have to remember that if you Like too many people too quickly and leave a post, then even before you would get a warning, FB classes your posts as spam and send them to Hidden Posts anyway so they aren’t even seen the recipient.


Another thing to realise is that too many unanswered, ignored or refused friends requests also come to the FB algorithms attention which is another reason not to ask too many too quickly as there will be too many outstanding.


I learnt these things the hard way as I received a couple of bans when I first started on Facebook because I did not realise what I should and should not do, so hopefully I can prevent you falling into the same trap.

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