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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

How NOT to organise friends into sections on Facebook…..

Make sure you put your friends into LISTS via Edit Friends – being totally new I had absolutely no idea how to do it and being a total plonker I put some of my friends into groups without even realising I was starting a “Group” instead of putting my friends into categories.  I know most of you are thinking “what a wally” as you worked out how to do it straight away but as I was totally new to both personal and business pages in one go (and social media in general) I had to learn a lot of things the hard way in a very short time and some of them got me into trouble!  Finding any understandable help that wasn’t written in “computer nerd language” seemed impossible and I couldn’t find any basic instructions for the average person who needed it in layman’s terms.  So I did what I could and learned by my mistakes….the trouble is I am still learning by my mistakes!  I keep saying I am going to write a bog-standard start instructions for new facebook people while I remember my basic questions and answers, so I promise to try by the end of the week.

Back to adding friends - as I tried to add so many friends when I first started (the reason I first received a ban! … more on that tomorrow), I had lots of friends acceptances coming in about the same time so my list built quickly and I thought I had better group them before they got out of hand, so I went for the Group option thinking that was the way – oops!  I should have tumbled that I had done it wrong as a few people had said “Thank you for inviting me into the Group” but I just thought that fb lets them know when I had regrouped them and so I had no idea that I had managed to start three groups.  I had sort of forgotten all about it and thought I would get round to it one day when I had got on top of this social media thing with all the other bookmarking sites as well.  But yesterday I had a sudden reminder as someone asked to join one of my so-called groups – my Bear Lovers Group.  Oooh what to do now???  As I had spoken to her about bears before I put her in the picture but still haven’t decided what I should do about my Groups!

Being a total maniac bear collector I had put other bear collectors in one group and my relatives and close friends in another.  As other friends requests and my friends acceptances came in, as well as contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn etc. I just got bogged down and didn’t do anything with them and thought I would deal with them later, especially as some people I only “knew” by their business name rather than their personal name so I needed to go through them properly when I had time.  Well a couple of  hundred friends later I still haven’t done anything about it so now it is such a mammoth task I never seem to have the time to do it at all. Unless you know something different than I have found, it is not that it is that easy to do either, as when I looked at separating them into lists (not to self - must think lists now and not groups!!!) I have to think of the persons name to start with before I can even put the first letters in to bring up the person to add to the list.  Well I must say my memory is not as good as it was and trying to think this way is just plain awkward.  Why can’t I just click each name going through the list and add them to my own lists???  Considering I knew I should be sorting them into lists as they came in – why haven’t I started doing it yet?!!!  Well, because people aren’t always on facebook all the time and don’t always accept your invite straight away.  So by the time their acceptance comes in I am often too busy at the time to deal with it or I have forgotten who they are to even know which list to put them into!  I don’t suppose this happens at all to people who have a personal page first and then add a business page, because their closer contacts are already in groups (no – note to self again – think lists, lists, lists – must remember to not think of them as groups!!!!) so they know that new ones coming in are inevitably business contacts so all go into one list.

I have a few friends who go to a psychic development circle so when I used the group name Circle for all my close circle of relatives and friends they had thought it was great that I had added them to the Circle Group.  I suppose the others friends and relatives in my Circle Group had no idea what it meant in the spiritual context, so never queried why I had added them to a new group called Circle.  I find a lot of people who only use Facebook for socialising with their friends only know the bare basics and work on a need-to-know basis, so they didn’t even query the fact that they now seemed to be in a Group.

I couldn’t decide on the names of other groups I wanted to put other people in – I did start one called Contacts and fully intended to put people in there who were purely contacts and not necessarily people I chatted with at all, but the dividing line seemed blurred as to who should go into that group or an inbetween group, so I had only ever put the one poor person in there until I worked out what other names I should give my groups.  That person has never asked why they are the only member – they probably just think I have outcast them!!  It is probably a good job in a way that I didn’t have time to set up all the other groups to put people in as I would have a number of groups running instead of just the three.  Hmm, but what do I do with those three???  Now, telling the single person in the Contacts Group is reasonably easy and the Circle group wont be too bad as I know them all well obviously, but the Bear Lovers Group - hmm well I need to explain and somehow disband this other Group that I have stupidly started or do I just let it run???  I don’t even know what is involved in running a Group.  I have to decide what to do now since someone has asked to join it, so I might get more people asking – ooh dear!  Do Groups run themselves – are they just a group of like minded people who speak to each other – or do I have to do anything with it?  What a silly predicament to get myself into as soon as I join Facebook!

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