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Friday, 12 August 2011

Facebook Personal Page and Business Page - My Basic Beginners Guide…..for new users with a business page

OK now this is my interpretation of what I have learnt – and anyone is welcome to tell me if I have got it wrong.  But since I first started on Facebook a whole 2 months ago (which now makes me an expert – LOL – I don’t think!!!) I have been really struggling with getting to grips with understanding how it all works.  I still have some (many probably) unanswered questions but as it has taken me 2 months to get this far I thought this may help some of the brand new people because I would have loved to have found something readable and understandable when I first started – which I hope this will be – well, it may not be understandable but at least it will be basic.  I found a lot of things were very confusing but my biggest problem was in understanding the subject I am going to discuss today – the different pages on Facebook.  So if you are brand new and have been clever enough to have found my blog then I hope this may help to clear the muddy waters in front of you and I will try to put it in a way that is understandable (LOL- maybe!).

The whole Personal Page/ News Feed & Wall Page / Business Page thing is really confusing but I have sussed it out to be like this – think of it as 2 bedrooms with a Jack n Jill bathroom – you know the ones – 3 rooms in a row – a bathroom in the middle and a bedroom each side.  Now this bathroom can only be used by EITHER Jack OR Jill and not both at once.  You are of course both Jack & Jill but Jack is your Personal Page and Jill is your Business Page.  Are you keeping up with all this???  Right so to confirm, bedroom 1 (Jacks) is your Personal Page, the bathroom is your News Feed & Wall and bedroom 2 (Jills) is your Business Page.  Which means when you are on your Personal Page and want to go to your Business Page you have to SWAP pages to use the Wall (bathroom).  So go to Accounts (top right) and in the drop down box click USE FACEBOOK AS PAGE, then a big box comes up that says

 New! Select Switch to get a newsfeed and notifications for that page. You'll also be able to interact with other pages as your page. Learn more

with a button that says SWITCH - click the button.  You should now be in the bathroom again but from the Business side so you can use News Feed and the Wall as your Business Page.  When using your Business Page, the Wall is for things you post (message) - unless anyone sends a link from their page to yours which then shows on your Wall as well.  The News Feed is all the incoming stuff or things you have either started or joined in with on the New Feed wall.  It’s pretty much like News Feed is your chat room for everyone with back and forth messages and your Wall is like the school blackboard that only you as the teacher can write on.  You only have one Wall so you can only use it EITHER with your Personal Page OR with your Business Page.

When on your Business Page you want to go back to your Personal Page then go to Accounts in the top right again and in the drop down box click the middle one with your photo that says your Personal Page name (it also says “switch bank to (your name)” under it as well.  And voila, you are back on your Personal Page and can use the Wall as your Personal Page.

If you LIKE other peoples pages then anything they write or put on their Business Wall will show in your News Feed.  Equally if anyone LIKES your business page then they will see the stuff you add to your Business Wall in their News Feed.  Right, now I had better just mention this so as to clarify it, Like is another name for Fan on business pages.   If you don’t want a particular advert (well that tends to be what they are – messages showing what they have for sale) on your News Feed then you can hover your cursor over the “advert” and a little sun/star thing comes up in the top corner of the advert which you can click and it gives you the option to hide that particular “Post” (this is what they actually call them) or to hide all posts from that person /company or you can report it as spam if you feel it shouldn’t be there at all.  This will then go into your “Hidden Posts” on the left of your page.  You can always go into the Hidden Posts to reinstate it if you wish.  You may also find some posts arrive straight into the Hidden Posts as well – some of these are purely because the sender has sent a lot that day or for any other strange reason that Facebook has thought of them as spam and so hidden them from you – but they may be posts you actually would like in your News Feed so if you want to see them, hover your mouse over the little sun/star thing on the top right of the advert or comment and it will give you options to reinstate it to your page again.

I am sure I have made this sound as clear as mud and just as complicated as any other instructions you find but I just hope I have put it in a slightly more understandable fashion???  It is easier to refer back to it as you get used to things on Facebook as it then becomes clearer.

If you have any questions then please send me a comment or message.

Right so as not to make this too long, I think I had better split these so-called lessons into basic sections too so this is the end (unless I think of any more) on the whole Personal Page / News Feed & Wall / Business Page bit but I will explain what I have learnt about the actual Walls & News Feed themselves in another blog in a couple of days time as it save boring my followers (few that they are so far) but thanks to those who are following – I can only get better J

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