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Monday, 8 August 2011

New ArtFire Studio Layout - just a quick mention

Well I wasn't sure if I would, but I do like the new ArtFire studio layout.  As I have only had my studio open for 2 months I had only just got used to the old layout though.  Although I must admit I am a little annoyed that having just paid for a banner and avatar to be made, I now find that my banner is redundant as it is too small for the new layout.  I have now added my avatar as my photo on so many other things - my blog, facebook, twitter etc. plus all the bookmarking sites I started using in the hope of getting sales so I am in the awkward position of not wanting to change it.  I can't make the banner bigger to fit the new size as it will lose definition if it is stretched so I have to either get a new one made or get my original banner set in a matching background to fill the space!  I am hoping to do the latter.  I need to get it sorted quickly as I hadn't realised that it would not automatically be included in the new layout and at the moment there is no banner and just this revolting green colour that personally I hate - probably because I managed to be unlucky enough to go through my whole schooling having to wear bottle green uniforms so I now hate most green colours.  My infant, junior and senior school were all bottle green - if I had not gone to the Grammar School but ended up at the Comprehensive schools (any of them in our town) then I could have had a change of colour when I got to senior school - but no, I had the privilege of going to Grammar School and ending up in bottle green again - we even had to wear bottle green knickers!  

I should be pleased I suppose in that I have made a few sales in my new studio even if they have come via Facebook members rather than from people just spotting them on ArtFire.   But it is early days really and if I spend the time pushing the social media side and getting my name out there, hopefully sales will pick up.  I sell loads on ebay but any profit is spent on relisting fees so I wanted to find a different way of selling my pendants.

Check out my new studio layout (complete with the offending green at the moment) and let me know what you think -

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