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Friday, 5 August 2011

How Do You Relax - and can you ???

Before I start todays ramble, there are a couple of things I want to mention – the 1st thing is that I have just had my 5th pendant chosen for a collection on ArtFire (funnily enough I thought it was going to be the Lapis Lazuli I have just listed):  

The 2nd thing:  A bit I should add to yesterdays blog about the weather is how the bees are unable to produce as much honey this year due to the weather conditions and the lack of flowers.  My hubby keeps bees and we have had a lot less honey this year than other years.

Ok, back to todays ramblings –

How do you relax – reading, watching tv, listening to music, meditating, doing your hobby (sewing, knitting, painting etc.)? 

I know I find it very hard to relax at all.  I love doing all those things – well hobby-wise it has to be jewellery making as I absolutely hate sewing.  I have a pile of mending to do that must have collected over the last couple of years but unless something is urgent (or a favourite item) then it just gets added to the pile, which is then invisible to me.  One passion of mine is bear collecting (not something you do to relax though, obviously) but I am often asked if I wouldn’t like to make my own bear – absolutely definitely not!!!  Anyway I digress again.

As I was saying, I love to do all those things but can only do them at certain times that my brain allows me to do them.  I can sit and read in the sunshine (not much of that this year) or if I manage to get into a really good book I can sit in the conservatory and read for a while until my brain kicks in and tells me I have other things to do.  I have a book on the shelf at the moment with a bookmark half way through the book and as I haven’t had the chance to read it since last summer I think I may well have to skim the whole first half of the book again when I finally get round to reading it.  This summer has been too busy on the computer trying to find how to network for selling my pendants.

I like listening to music but I find it can distract me when I on the computer if I have anything on that I end up singing along to.  So I can only play relaxation Reiki / beauty salon type music in the background.

I can meditate if I am in a group situation for that purpose and sometimes I can even find the time on my own – but I need to schedule it into my day and I am afraid I just forget.

I can only watch a maximum of 2 hours television a night as well. 

As for my hobby of jewellery making – it has now turned into a paid hobby which requires more computer time than jewellery making time (at the moment at least until I get everything running smoothly).  Not that I really get paid from it as you need to make a profit for that – but you know what I mean.

Dancing is / was my hobby but I haven’t been able to do that for over a year now due to an Achilles Tendonitis problem.

Am I stressed???  I don’t feel stressed – I just find that if I make the effort to sit and read or relax then my brain is fidgety and I can’t concentrate on the book or tv because I am wanting to get on with all the other things I know I should be doing.  I even find it hard to get off the computer to go to bed at night and as there are always a million things I could still be doing on there.  I can be feeling really dozy and can hardly keep my eyes open watching a tv programme (and it has to one I really want to watch to keep my attention – so I always watch pre-recorded ones so I can fast forward through the adverts) and yet I can then go back up to the computer afterwards and I am wide awake.  Only a few times do I ever go to bed because I feel tired, mostly it is because I see the very late time on the computer screen.  Then I don’t wake up very early and feel I have wasted some of the day.

As for finding time to meditate – many nights I have been in bed thinking I should be able to find the time for at least 10 minutes meditation tomorrow – it will be really good for me.  But come the next night I think the same thing.  If I go to bed straight from watching tv when I feel tired then I just lay in bed with my mind whirring about all the things I will have to remember to do the next day and all the things I have not finished today. 

BORED is one of my stock words I am afraid (so my hubby keeps telling me) – I can’t sit in cars on a long journey, or watch a tv programme that is not keeping my attention, or keep being taught the same dance routine over and over again until everyone else in the class has finally got it when I got it a long time ago (I know I should just be lucky that I pick things up quickly).  Not that I have been able to dance for over a year now so when we go back (hopefully) the boot will be on the other foot (so to speak) as we wont know the new dances and will have probably forgotten all the ones we did know.

Oh and this is a great book that I will make the time to read as I absolutely loved the 1st three in the series – right up my street – and I have just spotted that it will be out soon:

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