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Thursday, 4 August 2011

It's A Funny Old Summer

It’s raining again today – muggy and wet.

Well I don’t know about you in your area wherever you are but here in East Anglia in the UK we are having really weird summer weather this year.  I know in England the weather is so different from not only one part of the country to the other but it can even be very different just a few miles away.  I know sometimes when I used to speak to my mum on the phone she would ask me how deep our snow was or how much rain we had been having and yet we had not had even a few snowflakes or a sprinkle of rain and she only lived 10 miles away.  These last 3 days have been very muggy but we have only seen about 2 hours of sun altogether although lots of rain and a storm yesterday which didn’t lift the humidity – I hate it when it is humid but love the warm dry heat.  My favourite sitting out in the garden day would be either cloudless or with small wispy clouds but the most important thing – a slight breeze that is not hot and definitely not cold.

We take the dogs for a walk late evening just before it gets dark and only twice this year so far have I not put on my “dog walking jacket” that has the titbits and doggy bags in it, as it has been cool enough to wear it even if the day has been warm.  99% of the time I have also put a long sleeved t-shirt and jeans on to walk them as well.  Normally in the summer it would be too warm for anything but shorts and t-shirt.  And where do you put all the things you need to take the dogs out when you aren't wearing a jacket - before I even go out I have to put my glasses on to see long distance, take my phone in case of emergencies, doggy bags for obvious reasons (and no, not for me to finish up last nights Chinese take-away), tidbits to try to teach them it is good to come back to me plus a magazine folded in half (no, not to read) to slap on my leg to try to stop them eating every foul thing they come across (along with me shouting "Leave") and boy does that happen a lot.  Why do they do that??  It doesn't matter if they have been fed before they go for the walk or after, they still find great enjoyment in eating every single revolting thing they can find.  I would be only too happy to just accept that it is up to them what they eat for snacks but I am more worried about the possible vets bill if they get a stomach problem.   They are over a year old now so I don't somehow think their snacking habits will change but I am still hopeful.  They even do it when on the lead - I try to keep a vigilant eye on the area in front but they are so close to the ground, being little dogs, that they seem to find things either before me or that I don't see.  It's hard to know when they are just sniffing or routing something out.  Anyway I am digressing back to the summer.

I don't know about you but the plants that actually survived our cold winter this year are struggling or giving up with lack of sun (and rain sometimes) in this summer. In our area this year we have had long dry spells with no rain but not much sun either earlier in the year.  We had a teasing couple of sunny weeks way back in April but all through our actual summer we have had showers and cloudy days with the odd bit of blue sky thrown in for good measure just to tempt you outside.  Then by the time you have noticed and got a book to go and sit in the sun for an hour, the clouds have come over again.  I don’t know about you but I am too busy to spend “me time” out in the garden relaxing unless it is sunny.  Don’t get me wrong, I would like to sit out on a cloudy day if I didn’t have a million things to do inside but I just can’t seem to relax and take myself away from working unless I am missing the little bit of sun we get.  I find it is the only time I can drag myself away and actually relax, although even then I have to read and can’t just sit.

Sometimes though, on days like today, I am pleased I am not missing the sun when I am too busy with umpteen pages open on the computer of things I want to read about online as well as all the normal work related things like listing the pendants.  Then there's getting round to the things I haven't yet done like re-doing my awful 1st photos and numbering the pendants (as it takes me ages to  find them when I get a sale as colour coding is not enough now I have so many for sale).  And for the ones who are following my progress, I still haven't manage to sort out my Delete button that isn't working for my emails so I have loads to delete!!!

I have moved the layout of my blog over now so hopefully it will look a bit better and also it allows for easier reading of my long blogs like this one - sorry!!!  I promise to try to keep them shorter in future.  I am still trying to get ArtFire to sort out the empty Rapid Cart at the side as well and to try to add some more buttons to my page so you can mark it easier - Digg etc.  It can only improve.....


  1. Hi Suzy,

    I love your pendants! I checked out your blog and thought I'd mention that we are also having very weird weather in Northern BC. Its been raining or cloudy, heavy dark clouds since the beginning of July. Today it started real nice, we thought maybe the summer had arrived with lots of sunshine, but now as I write this its raining again. So you're not alone with weird weather.

  2. Nice to meet you Suzy I am here in California where our weather too is odd this year. I love to be outside to garden so I was lucky mild weather just until this past few weeks. I enjoyed reading your blogs and can relate to having problems learning all the ins and outs but I figured I would just go for it and hope that others find my blogs worthy to read. I will continue following you and your beautiful work of art.