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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Facebook messages and Facebook Group emails

I was noticing recently how the Facebook messages on my personal wall have changed so much since I first started on there a couple of months ago.  Well, what I should say really is that the wall is filled up with different types of messages now.  When I first started I had lots of messages about what people were going to have for dinner and what they were doing today type messages (!!!) and now I can hardly see those messages in amongst all the adverts that I have adorning my wall from other people who I have Liked along the way.  If I have been away from the computer for a few hours (which doesn't happen often enough really) then it takes me quite a while to scan down all the messages that have been posted on my wall to see if there is anything reasonably important.  Hopefully important messages from friends come via the old fashioned telephone or mobile, if not by email or direct message on FB, but it is surprising how everyone just expects you to read everything they put on their wall which then ends up on your own wall.  

Why is it that any messages from Groups you have joined come through on your main email address rather than your own personal one.  Not only does hubby find it irritating to see loads of them on the main email page but I do wonder how anyone who picks up messages on their mobile phone can access these messages at all?  I don't use my mobile for emails or the internet but if I did then I am sure I would only add my personal email address to it and not the "home" email address as well.  As you can only access your emails from one place (well on Virgin Media anyway) then if I used a laptop and had them sent there, then I wouldn't pick the home emails up either.  Considering the correct email address is in Properties, is it only Virgin that do it this way or do you all have the same problem???  I would love to know, so please add a comment if you are in any Groups on Facebook.

I found this hilarious and thought I would share it with you to brighten up your day:

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