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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Pendant Necklace Photos - on a background or not?

I have just been playing around with my new themer colours in my studio and changing to my new banner.  So many choices and so hard to choose!  Hopefully my final choices make the studio look good and work well.  Obviously everyone likes different colours so what appeals to some wont appeal to others but considering everyone who comes to the studio is looking at the pendants rather than the studio colours the only importance is that the colours go well together and look pleasing to the eye.

What I did notice while checking out the new themer colours though were the differences in the photos I have used in the short time I have had my studio open.  I started off with taking the photos using a light tent to avoid reflection but I think it just muted the colours of the pendants in the photos (you can see if you open the oldest ones as I have changed the main photo of each), so then I just took photos normally which was a lot better.  But they were a bit dark so I eventually started playing around with a photo editor and lightened them - looking back now I lightened them too much at first but I am hopefully getting it better now.  What I noticed most though when I was fiddling around clicking from Default Order to Newest Order was that whereas I thought the photos looked a bit "busy" with the background so stopped using it, I now think maybe the pendants on their own in the photo look a bit stark and they looked warmer in the background photos.  I started using the background (artificial flowers worked best) because I found that the camera changed its focus that way and the real colour of the pendants then showed - their colour seemed to change by just photographing them on the windowsill (the best and brightest place in my house).  I guess both ways will appeal to different people but I would be really interested if anyone could let me know their thoughts on this - do the ones with a background detract from the pendants or do they complement them???  

Please do let me know your thoughts and which you prefer as I would love to know.

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