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Sunday, 28 August 2011

She didn't turn up ....

Just a quick snippet of a late blog today as I have been busy cleaning - yuk! but sometimes I just have to leave the computer and do it.  But the reason for my cleaning and tidying up was that someone was meant to be coming round – now I know she originally wanted to come last Sunday and we couldn’t make it as hubbie was working so we said to come this week instead, but we remembered whereas she obviously didn’t as she didn’t turn up!  It isn’t really a problem I suppose as I have a clean house now but I do find it a tad annoying.

It is cold here again in East Anglia in the UK so I can only presume our summer, what there was of it, is over and we are starting autumn early – so back out with the jumpers.  It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago that I stopped wearing them:0(  I used to get a lot more wear out of my t-shirts when I was dancing!

Due to not dancing I saw this which made me chuckle and thought it seemed particularly relevant at the moment (and the first part is true for me):

I have just figured out why I’m overweight.  On the bottle of shampoo I use in the shower that runs down my body it says “for extra volume and body”.  So now I am going to start using washing-up liquid as it on that bottle it says “dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove”.

I was trying to photograph some chokers yesterday but found the bathroom windowsill (my usual stupid but best photographic spot) was too narrow really so I had to adapt and use other places like the back of a cushion (the front was patterned) and an old coffee table in the conservatory – but one good thing I learnt is that I can actually take photos in the conservatory as long as the sun isn’t out (as it reflects all the roof lines in the gemstone).  Here is my usual photographic set-up with me hanging over the sink and bath at a very awkward angle to take the photos from above so they are in the light – sometimes with one leg in the air and sometimes with one foot in the bath to try and get the right angle to stop the window handle reflecting on the gemstone.  The bathmat is on the sink just in case I am careless enough to drop the pendant or the camera.  LOL - I really should find a better place.

Oh and while I am on about bathrooms, here is a cheeky picture I received a couple of days ago that you may enjoy:

I said one thing they missed was the Cloud, which would be the aroma in the room:)  But Clouds are new (well they are to me) so they may not have been around when they thought this one up.

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