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Tuesday, 30 August 2011 many coincidences

First of all today, here is the last of those riddles I found for you to think about (answer a the end of the blog):

Now I seem to have had a whole load of synchronicities happening to me over the last few days.

I saw a link on Facebook to a song (see below) from Christine in one of my groups and 2 days later I get another link to this same song from Prediction Magazine on FB too.  Well I know it could have somehow done the rounds and got back to me but I very rarely get song links show up on my page, so two of the same song in two days seems strange in itself.   So much so that I decided to just let Christine know how strange it was and I happened to notice she lived in the next town to where I grew up.  She was just another member of the group and not in my friends list at the time but when I went to her page to send her a message I noticed a friend at the top of her list (Lyn) and thought she was someone I knew so after sending Christine the message I clicked into Lyn’s page to see if she was the person I knew.  I don’t think she was after all but I seemed to recognise the face.  LOL – are you following me so far?  Anyway, low and behold, near the top of her friends list was a photos of someone I did know – another Lyn and a good friend from my hometown (ok not that far away from where I live now so I can see the geographical connection) but also on the 1st Lyn’s list of friends at the top was someone who was called the combined names of my 2 eldest children.

A very strange run of co-incidences indeed.  Now I am a great believer in synchronicity but I still haven’t quite worked out where it was leading me.  But I dare say it will all be revealed at some stage and I will think back and realise that all the coincidences led me somewhere.  I read a message from someone in another group today which was a little anecdote of someone trying to explain how their illness affected their daily life and the person had the same problem as my good friend, so that is another little connection.   

This is the link to the song that started all of this.  It is a lovely medley of songs from someone who I had never heard of before and his version is really enjoyable.  I played it over and over quite a few times, so I thought I would share it with you too.

Oops, nearly forgot the answer to the riddle:

The recluse lived in a lighthouse.


  1. I didn't find the answer to the riddle...but did he live in the lighthouse?

  2. Oops - I will update - and well done, yes he did. This was one of them that I got right as well - LOL, so it must be easy.