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Saturday, 27 August 2011

August Bank Holiday in a caravan

I was going to give the blog a miss today as it is holiday weekend but heck, with weather like this I may as well stay indoors.  I want to make some more chokers anyway as my stocks are getting low – why is it that you don’t sell a particular type of item for a while and then you seem to get a whole run on them – it’s not like the buyers know each other.  It happens so often now that I am used to it but I still find it strange.

It was so cold yesterday I had to warm up by putting jeans and a long sleeved top on.  It’s not much warmer today and it reminded me of the last time we went to a dance festival in our caravan at August Bank Holiday.  It had been lovely and warm at home all week and we had only taken a thin jacket each to use to walk over to the dances in the hall in the evenings, other than that we had only got dance clothes with shorts to wear in between sessions.  We were only an hour away from our home so not in a different part of the country so we expected the weather to be the same.  And it was still August which is still summer!  Well, how we stuck it out I don’t know, because it was soooo cold.  It was obviously ok in the hall when we were dancing but at lunch time and dinner time in between dancing sessions I was cold and when we went to bed - well you had never seen anything like it.  We were dressing in all the clothes we had to go to sleep so we were very multi-layered.  Our gas heater was old and you are not meant to sleep with it on so that didn’t help + it isn’t really much use anyway as the brilliant designers decided to spread the heat around the caravan by having vents around the room and into the bathroom.  Great idea – but a bad idea to take the piping for it under the caravan (outside).  Sometimes the air coming in through the heating vents was colder than the caravan itself.  Who on earth thought that was a good idea?!  Anyway, as cold as it is this weekend so far, I am very pleased to be in my own home and not over at the dance festival this year.  Well, apart from the fact that I still can’t go back to dancing yet because of my achilles tendonitis.  But I hate being cold so at least I am at home to be able to put warmer clothes on in the “heat” of our summer at the moment.  Ooh and there’s a flicker of sunshine so I am off to investigate.

Here’s a video that made me chuckle so I thought I would share it with you:

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