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Monday, 22 August 2011

Missing summer, promoting items

Here is a little riddle for you – answer at the end.

It’s another typical English summer day – tempting me with patches of blue sky but haunting me with white fluffy clouds.  As I sit here in the office with the blinds slanting because the light gets on the computer I notice that it is bright and sunny outside, so I make a conscious effort to think that as soon as I have finished this I will go and sit outside with a coffee (or a lolly) and a magazine so that I don’t miss the few sunny days we get here in the UK.  But what happens! – as soon as I finish what I am doing and finally get downstairs and out to the garden – yes, you have it – the clouds have come over again and the breeze is too cold to want to stay outside.  So up I go with my coffee and spend another day in the office trying to make sure I have covered most of the bases in how to sell my pendants on ArtFire, instead of ebay who are eating up my profit in fees + more.  It seems stupid to keep paying so much to ebay but I need to as that is where I am selling the most pendants at the moment.  I obviously jump at the chance when it is free listing weekends (like this one just gone) but at other times the relisting fees for the ones that didn’t sell use up all the profit of the ones that did sell. 

I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my ArtFire studio takes off and I can drop the whole ebay scenario.  But to do that I need to make sure that I am “crossing all my T’s and dotting all my I’s” as they say with all this social media stuff.  So I am trying to get used to remembering to promote all my newly listed items on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. as well as using all the Bookmarking sites which all seem weird and strange in how they all work differently.  I have now got the hang of StumbleUpon but although I use Kaboodle and Digg I am not quite sure how they work.  And as for Pinterest , +1 and Delicious, I have no idea if they work or if anyone can actually even see my additions to there (or maybe I am totally wasting my time with them).  I only wish I knew. 

All the articles I have read say to engage your customers – well, I have tried.  I have asked them to let me know which type of photos they preferred – on a contrasting background or just with no background at all – I only got 2 responses – 2 for plain and 3 for background (and one of those responses came from a close friend).  I had one pendant that had well over 600 viewings whereas the next highest was just under 300 viewings so asked if anyone had any ideas why that happenend – not that I was expecting much response to that question but the only answers I got were from 2 friends.  I asked about the new layout on ArtFire as well but no response again.  I wanted to ask about peoples preferences as to whether they preferred the more beaded necklaces that I used to make or the ones that seem to be more popular now which are the plain ones with just a singe drop gemstone.  I feel this is cheating as a jewellery-maker but you have to go with the flow and that seems to be the current trend.  But as everyone has different ideas on what they like anyway I will gradually add some more beaded items now I have my studio so they can sit there to see if they sell.  I will add some earring and bracelets occasionally again now as well now I have over 160 pendants listed on there.

Here’s your answer to the riddle:
The last person took the basket with the egg in it.

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