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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Does your long hair get stuck under your arms...?

I went to my hairdresser yesterday and had about 4” cut off my hair that was getting really long.  I haven’t had it so long since I was a teenager - well early twenties I think I changed to shorter hair.  I really don’t know how you ladies with longer hair get on but I kept finding it getting caught under my arm when I went to turn my head.  Doesn’t that happen to anyone else or is it just me?  I don’t ever remember that happening when I was younger but maybe it wasn’t so long then as I thought it was.  Maybe it doesn’t hang the same when you have thicker hair but mine is very fine and I kept finding that as I turned my head I was sometimes having to release my hair from where it was trapped under my arm as it would stop my head turning.  The same when bending my head forward to read anything when sitting watching tv.  Maybe it is something you get so used to you don’t think of it after a while as it becomes normal but I found it a bit annoying so off it came yesterday in a too-late-to-change-my-mind pile on the floor.  Now it is shoulder length again and swings as I move my head – and I wont keep dipping it in my dinner!

Does anyone actually ever like their hair?  I do wonder if there is anyone out there who does – well females anyway – who actually really love their hair.  If it is curly they want it straight, if it is dark they want it light and if it is thick they want it fine + all the reverse scenarios of that as well.  Are we ever satisfied with what we are given naturally?  I know there is always the big thing about everyone wanting to look like models and whether they are or not a good representation (especially when all the photos we actually see of them are rarely natural but airbrushed, colour enhanced etc. etc., but we always want to change some things about ourselves and often quite a list of things!!!  If they can do this with a cat on a photo editing programme we can all get then think what the professional photographers use.  Would we actually recognise a female celebrity in the street I wonder.  Mind you, I think I ought to get practising on one of those photo editing programmes as I hate any photos of me and I may even be able to change my photo to one that I would be prepared to let anyone see – even if my best friends didn’t recognise me in the photo after all the editing.    

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