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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Patience or patient…

PATIENCE is another word for me that I need to learn, although I am extremely PATIENT – can you be both? 

What are you?  Are you easy going and laid back or are you stressed all the time?

I am very impatient to get things done but I can be very patient if I am in a queue or waiting for an appointment, or even with other drivers who are impatient and do stupid things.  I suppose it is because I am a very calm, easy-going person and so I take things in my stride that are out of my control but inevitable like queues.  Unless of course the queue is going to make me late for something and then my patience becomes impatience.  

But if I want to do something or want something done I need it done yesterday.  I will always get stuck in and do something really thoroughly and don’t want to stop until it is done, which does cause frustration when I hit obstacles that hold me back – like trying to find a Digg code for my blog (well all the other things you need for one as well – but I have just about managed the others now).  

I know I have said this before but the considering we all start using these media sites and bookmarking sites so that other people can find us and yet the sites all make it so hard to add the required buttons to the our blogs and websites.  If all I wanted to sit here and write down my feelings I would just make a journal on Word and if I didn’t want to sell my pendants on a website I would just hire a craft stall.  The reason we do it is to get “out there” and let the world know about our products and all the media sites and bookmarking sites want you to use them and yet the most important thing you need to use them, the bloomin’ button to add, is so very hard to find.  It should be the most easy thing on their sites to find.  Having read so many other peoples queries on how to get them as well, I know I am not the only one.  It should be very visible to use at the moment you join these sites, like “thank you for joining and here is the button to add to your websites”.

Anyway I digress again – you can see how frustrating I find that!!!  LOL – you must let me know your thoughts on this and also if you can see my blog is either missing some important buttons or if there is a better way of installing them so they don’t look so messy.  Off I go again – but can’t Blogger just have a automatic row of ALL the buttons for people to use – why on earth would we want to put a blog out there that people couldn’t pass on via their chosen method, be it Digg or facebook if we haven’t made it a private blog???  Ooh there I go again…..

Tomorrow I hope to try to write my own Basic Beginners Guide to Facebook as I couldn’t find anything like that to follow when I started a business page on there so I hope to give the basic knowledge I have learnt since I started on there a couple of months ago, while all the queries I had are still fresh in my mind.

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