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Monday, 1 August 2011

Haunted Bear

Well something really strange happened yesterday.  Lorraine, a bear collecting friend, mentioned in her email about a haunted bear listing on ebay so I just had to go along and read it.  Made-up or otherwise it made really interesting reading as there was a whole story on the listing.  I sent it to Julie, a spiritual friend of mine, then before I could do anything else online and while the bear listing was still on screen, the computer went offline and no matter how or what I tried for the rest of the evening I couldn’t get it to go back online (and for some reason couldn’t delete any emails either – which is still persisting, but that is probably another story).  So I don’t think I will be bidding on the bear! 

If you are reading this the day I posted it I think you will still find the bear on ebay as I seem to remember it finished the following day but I am certainly not going to bring it up again to look in case my computer crashes again!

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