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Friday, 26 August 2011

Changing Times....Retro Look

I have another riddle for you today (answer at the end):

After chatting about how Christmas has changed yesterday it got me thinking.  It’s funny how trends change as well.  When I think back all those years to the type of jewellery I was making when I first started, through all the different types of items I have been making and up to the current trend which, in my case, seems to be for the plainer type of jewellery with either very few or no beads but just a gemstone hanging on a necklace cord or choker.  I still like to make the other items but we have to go with the flow and have for sale what people currently want to buy.  Personally I love the natural gemstone look as I have a house full of crystals and love the energy they give off and their healing properties.  I use them in healing too.  So working with them to make jewellery is brilliant.  I also love the difference in all of the markings on them – all so natural and each one is so different.  Well, with exceptions ones like Rose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli etc. that all still have different markings but in most cases you would probably need a magnifying glass to be able to tell the difference.  So with those types of crystals it is the size and shape of them that makes them different.

It is not that I am that old but so many fashions in clothes have moved along and then come back round again.  Usually, annoyingly in a slightly different form from the original so that your old skirt from 20 years ago looks similar to the current ones but still looks different as they use the main style and then change it a bit or the material has improved these days.  Leggings for instance – I remember wearing them but when we wore them they didn’t use lycra or elastane in them so they ended up being baggy around the knees after wearing them for half an hour.  So things move on and change, although there is now the Retro image so if you have got any clothes left that have “come round again” you can still wear them (if you can still fit in them).  How many of us hold on to something because we loved wearing it and then, low and behold, the fashion comes round again and we jump at the chance of wearing that favourite item again – but when we finally find it after an afternoon of rummaging in the attic and get it out to wear, we find we just can’t fit into it any more.  I know a lot of you slimmies out there wont be having this problem but there are an awful lot of us who aren’t the size we were even a few years ago yet alone “before kids”.  I am a hoarder but have reluctantly let some things go as I have realised that I will be unlikely to ever fit into them again and so it is silly to hold on to them “just in case”, because if that is ever going to happen I could buy other clothes and not need to rummage in my wardrobe for my old clothes – in fact I would probably be celebrating by buying lots more.  Meanwhile having a whole spare wardrobe of clothes I can no longer fit in seems a stupid waste of space.

And the answer to the riddle is:
Pour the juice from the second glass into the fifth.
I bet you knew that, didn’t you.  It is one that I am proud to say I did get right.

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