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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Ooh help - drowned in repeat emails!

Ooh dear – I have had horrendous problems with repeating emails - 10 every few minutes and I couldn't find a way to stop them.  I was trying to find help and at the same time trying to keep up with deleting them – talk about trying to juggle.  I was panicking as I couldn’t keep up with them and no way of stopping them – like having a tap shooting out water but if you let go to turn it off at the mains it will flood the floor.

No help from Virgin (our internet provider) or other sources – I finally stopped it by going into Virgin webmail online myself and deleting the repeating emails there which finally stopped it.  I had a painful arm from just trying to keep up with erasing them all, especially since my Delete button doesn't seem to work so I am having to slide them over into another file I set up in Deleted just to get rid of them!!!  That problem I still haven’t sorted!  

This is immediately since that bloomin' haunted bear story I told you about in my last blog!!!

Now does anyone know how to get my email Delete button to work again?  I think I must have corrupted it by sending too many emails through it from all the new messages I get from facebook and linkedin and now the poor thing can’t cope.  All those Charlie bear groups messages – and why do the messages from groups go into our main mailbox I want to know as my hubbie is tearing his hair out as he can’t find our normal emails amongst them all.

I was trying to delete some last night when it just jammed and when I looked today it said the folder was empty - now that would have taken some doing because I have to make sure I go through it at the beginning of each month and clear a months emails (I usually leave 2 months in there because you never seem to know when you may need to find an email that you have stupidly gone and erased).

All this unusual activity then crashed my emails altogether so I spent 2 hours on the phone to Virgin trying to sort out the problems – how come there seems to be no-one out there who can just tell you to do something and your problem is solved.  She solved the emails coming in but neither of us knew how in the end because as a last resort she forwarded the most important ones to a different mailbox for me and then mine all came flooding in + 2 of each to the main mailbox!!!  More to delete without a button !!! 

Is it because of that haunted bear story I read about or is it because I was complaining that none of the media sites have beginners instructions to follow – either way something was out the get me :0(

On a brighter note I read this great blog:

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