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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Banana Cake - very easy but my own recipe so don't get too excited!

I mentioned to some friends the other day about how I made 2 cakes recently without recipes and just added ingredients as I went along and they turned out great.  I just went along with the supposition that if they didn’t turn out well and look like cakes, then we could just put custard on them and eat them for deserts.  I have had so many people asking for the recipes that I thought I may as well put them on my blog.  The first one was a Banana Cake to use up some past-their-prime bananas (soft but still white inside but had dark spotty skins outside – just a bit too squidgy to want to eat normally) and the 2nd one was Blackberry and Apple Cake to use some stewed apples and blackberries as we had loads.  The cakes turned out great and so I wrote down as near as I could the recipes for both of them.  It is a bit of a problem though in working out what a “splodge” of butter and a sprinkle of spices were so I made the Banana Cake again to check the ingredients.  But I will have to work out how much 1/3 of a carton of Chinese Chow Mein is because that was how much stewed blackberry and apple I used, as it was stored in one of those at the time – although I don’t think it will matter too much as to how much a 1/3 is for the recipe.  So I will add that one on another blog.  These cakes are very very simple and easy to make.  I don’t believe in complicated recipes.  Apologies in advance that the ingredients are in ounces for those who only use grams now.  I think 250grams is about the same as 8oz.

Turn oven on to 150 degrees (electric fan oven) – low/medium heat.
Put all ingredients in a large mixing bowl - put bananas in first and mash.
6 overipe bananas – mashed
1 tablespoon runny honey
12 oz self raising flour
2-3 teaspoons baking powder
8 oz castor sugar
4 oz soft spreadable butter
4 XL eggs    (probably 5 medium sized, if that is what you use)
2 teaspoons mixed spices
2 teaspoons cinnamon

Mix well and put into a greased cake tin – I used a circle one for this (with a hole in the middle) but I don’t suppose it matters what tin you use.  Or you could put it in 2 sponge tins and cook a bit hotter but for half the time (I make sponges on 160 degrees).

Cook for approx. 1 hour until a knife comes out clean.
Check after 45-50 minutes and if the top is browning too fast, loosely cover the top with foil.
You can at this point sprinkle some castor sugar over the top as well.

I expect you know this already but don’t take the cake out until it looks ready on the top (at least ¾ of the way through the cooking time) or it will sink.  Just like Yorkshire Puddings do.

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