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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What a slip up....

Well today I am feeling sorry for myself as I had a fall yesterday and have a painful ankle (come on everybody – say aah).  I can’t believe how stupid it was too – but isn’t that always the case when you look back.  We sometimes walk the dogs along this particular track at the side of a field and I know full well from in the winter when there wasn’t any undergrowth that there is an 8” drop into the field beside the path and the path is narrow.  I was especially aware of it and was always very careful because I have had Achilles Tendonitis in both legs for 18 months now since I hurt them while dancing on a slippery dance floor and one leg is better while the other one is nearly better.  So I can’t believe that I fell and hurt the worst leg and on a path that I knew was dangerous!!!  I was desperately hoping to get back to dancing in September after my visit to the consultant at the hospital too. 

Aren’t these things always the stupidest little thing that you know you shouldn’t have done but did anyway.  Too late when you have done it but you always look back after an injury and think “I knew I shouldn’t have reached that high / tried to jump over that / got under there” etc. etc.  Even when you do injure yourself you never know the best thing to do – carry on as best you can as normal, rest the injured part, put heat on it, put ice on it.  I learnt too late that I should have stopped dancing when my first Achilles started hurting instead of carrying on dancing and not only making it worse but affecting the other leg as well.  Even then I should have rested it for a while but as I loved going dancing so much I just kept dancing through the pain until I couldn’t any longer and had to stop dancing altogether a year ago.  How silly was that!!!  For the sake of not dancing for the rest of the evening or even a few weeks, I then had to stop for over a year.  The so-called rules for these things always seem to be changing as well (as fast as what they say we should and shouldn’t eat).  It wasn’t so many years ago that if you damaged your back they got you to lay on the floor or put a board under your mattress and stay there until it was better.  Now they say to take painkillers and carry on as normal because the last thing you should do is lay still and definitely not on a board or the floor.

This little gem seemed particularly significant under the circumstances:


1.     Open a new file on your PC.
2.     Name it “Housework”.
3.     Send it to the Recycle Bin.
4.     Empty the Recycle Bin.
5.     Your PC will ask you “Are you sure you want to delete Housework permanently?”
6.     Calmly answer “Yes” and press mouse button firmly.

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