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Friday, 19 August 2011

Do you only feel a day has been good if you finish something...?

I have spent the afternoon in the sunshine catching up on some paperwork that I needed to read.  Why is it that if we take time out like this that we feel guilty for doing so ??  We don’t get too many sunny days – well certainly not this year – so a few hours fresh air should do us good.  But, I don’t know about you, but my days are only measured as good days if I feel I have actually achieved something.  If I flit from project to computer, to housework, to making something, to cooking dinner etc. etc. I don’t feel that I have had a good day.  But if I finish something or better still do something from start to finish, then I feel happy and complete in the sense that I have achieved something and had a good day.  On other days I can be working and doing more for a lot longer but, because the jobs were not actually completed, then I get no satisfaction from them.   But if I clear a surface or tidy a room then I feel all warm and chuffed (not that it happens often as I am a clutterbuck).

Today I realised, rather stupidly and rather belatedly, that the pendants I had listed in my ArtFire studio had some silly prices in the listings for the additional choice necklaces.  I had originally thought I had covered both bases by listing the necklace choices in GBP as well as USD.  What I hadn’t realised (and should have if I had bothered to check a long time ago) is that somehow ArtFire changes all the prices shown and not just the main one for the checkout.  So my GBP prices were classed as USD prices and changed to GBP which completely mucked them all up as there were now 2 different prices for each item and both saying GBP.  LOL – are you following this so far?  Anyway, back to the point – I now have to copy and paste new information in all the items (about 170 so far!).  Talk about causing work for myself.  I also need to change some of the really bad photos that I started out with on the earlier listings before I discovered that photo editing could brighten the pendants back to normal.  Jobs like this will take ages and give no job satisfaction at all – although I will obviously be very relieved when I have finished it – but it will take me a few days between other jobs.  Do you only feel you have had a good day when you have achieved something or finished something or is it just me???  I would love to hear your comments.

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