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Friday, 30 March 2012

Using a Laptop

You should have seen me - I have just been trying out the laptop because my PC is showing signs of not lasting too much longer but I just can’t seem to get on with it.  Talk about ham-fisted or that thing where you twirl your hand one way over your head and the other way on your tummy with the other hand.  LOL - I had no idea what I was doing at first. 

The typing part seems ok but trying to move anything or get to anything without a mouse is awful – I am just not sure I could get used to it so it seems I may have to save up for a new PC after all.  I know I could use the mouse with it but it would be better if I could just move it from room to room without wires hanging everywhere instead of being stuck in the office all day every day.  I was even wondering if I could use it in the garden if the wi-fi reached that far and if I could see the screen out in the sunshine.

I was very good and spent quite a long time trying it today but I just gave up in the end – I am not known for my patience in doing things.  If I am going to do it I want it done now J  So filly-faddling around with my finger on the “square thingy” was not the easiest of things or the quickest.  I lost a few messages by just slightly touching on the wrong thing.  Why does that thing never go where you want it to and when you have it just line up to click the button below it disappears again.  I had things shooting all over the place and things opening that I didn’t want. 

As for trying to scroll down at the side – well as far as I know you can’t without getting the mouse over there and clicking it before hitting page up or down or the arrows.  Talk about cack-handed – I was useless.  I am not kidding – it must have taken me 4 times as long at least to do the few things I was trying to do on there.  Definitely not for someone as impatient as me unless I really can get the hang of it!


Can any regular readers tell me if they miss the trivia and chuckles I used to post at the end of each blog. 
I have been trying to just blog once or twice a week and with this new format.  But if you want me to bring back the trivia and chuckles I am more than happy to do so if you just let me know you want them back.

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