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Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Weather

We are having the usual horrible bank holiday weather in England again so any planned outdoor Easter events will not go well.  It is tipping with rain and has been all day today (Easter Monday) so lots of events will be rained off completely.

Last week we had glorious sunshine and record breaking temperatures.  It always makes me laugh when we suddenly have a warm spell as you get a lot of people suddenly dressing as if it were mid summer even though they have pasty white legs and arms.  Out come the shorts and skimpy tops and off come the men’s shirts.  Then of course you also get the ones who go to the tanning centres and have a dark tan all year round – so the moment the sun comes out they have to show off their tan and you see these middle-aged “teeny-boppers” in denim knickers, a denim bra and 5” high heels.  LOL – and that’s just the men!

I know we don’t have too much of a chance to wear summer clothes in England but it is a bit drastic to go so skimpy at the end of March / beginning of April as it can just as quickly get cloudy and be really cold again within a few hours.  Even though it was sunny for those few days the evenings were still so chilly that we had to have the central heating on.   

A lot of our friends go to dance festivals at Bank Holidays and nearly every Easter we are so pleased that we aren’t stuck in a cold caravan too.  Even August Bank Holidays seem to have been really cold for the last few years.   No, I am really pleased to be snug and warm at home this wet and windy weekend.

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