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Friday, 16 March 2012

Where's My Meringue?

What is it about men (or my man) that they can’t follow the most basic instructions that you give them?

Earlier this week we went to the dentist which is in a different town (well and county actually) to where we live now but we still go back as we like the dentist.  While we were there we bought some of our favourite cakes from a shop over there (the only place we can get them from) – he likes their fresh cream and jam scones and I like their meringues (very small half shells which are chocolate coated on the bottom and held together with whipped fresh cream and have a strawberry on top.

Later that evening before I had chance to eat my meringues I developed tummy pains and spent the next few hours in and out of the bathroom keeping the seat warm in there.  The next day I decided the best thing was to not eat anything for 24 hours so I said to hubby on two separate occasions to take the cream out of my meringues and have it with his scones.  I figured this would save them from going soggy and I would be able to enjoy them the following day with some fresh cream that we had bought for some strawberries.

Well the next morning I came down to get some breakfast and went to the fridge for the milk when I spotted the meringue box with only one meringue in it (minus the cream)!!! One of his scones was still sitting there too (laughing at me from its box, I swear!).  When I irately enquired as to where my meringue had gone he said “I thought that was what you meant – to put all the cream on one meringue and eat it”.  To say I was not amused is an understatement as I knew we wouldn’t have chance to get again for them for another 6 month.  All the next day I was longing to have them but was very good and waited until the following day just to be safe, so to find that I had suddenly been deprived due to my hubbies total stupidity yet again of not being able to follow basic instructions was just soooo disappointing.  I had made sure I explained it clearly to him on two separate occasions - when I thought of it and when he was going to eat them. Why do men only half listen and make the rest up to fit in their minds – or is it just my hubby?  At least I enjoyed the second small meringue but as they are so small one is just not enough.

LOL - I am sitting on a pillow whilst typing this as I couldn’t believe it but I have bruised the back of my thighs from spending too long sitting “on the throne” when I had my tummy problems earlier in the week!  Obviously we need to have a more rounded seat.  Perhaps they should invent padded seat covers for such occasions!  

But definitely more padding than on this one:

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