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Monday, 26 March 2012

Out of Hibernation

It is lovely here today - warm and sunny - a beautiful spring day.
LOL - it makes me realise I am going to have to come out of hibernation and get some extra things done around the house.  Also to find some different clothes to wear as jumpers have just been a tad too warm the last couple of days – where did all the clothes I wore in the autumn disappear – like my memory they seem to have vanished from my wardrobe.  I need to investigate in the depths of my shelves to see where they have ended up.


After 6 years of living here after downsizing I am still feeling too cramped and it really seems to come to the fore after the winter.  I think I tend to naturally hibernate in the winter and stay in all wrapped up but come the spring I want to let the sun in and have nice bright rooms but it doesn't really happen in this house as they built it with the windows in the wrong places
J  I want more women architects – who puts a kitchen with a window on the side of the house facing next door and a utility room next to it with a window facing the garden – I ask you!  I know, I should have realised that when we bought the house but to be really honest we bought it in November when it was dull anyway and the house itself is lovely if only there were no close neighbours to prevent the light coming in.   I would love to be able to  move up to a bigger house again, not necessarily with more rooms but with bigger rooms as I feel too cramped, that and the fact that all my stuff from the bigger house is crammed into a smaller one, instead of me bring ruthless enough to get rid of some of it.  But I am a collector and once things arrive they rarely leave unless they are broken.


I could, and should, have spent the winter sorting things such as putting all my CD's on to the computer and selling the CD's (but I haven't got an ipod so could only listen on the computer then).  I have literally hundreds if not thousands of CD's and of course they all take up space - 4 large carousels and 2 whole cabinets of them.  I hate to admit it but I have all my old records (albums and singles), all in pristine condition in boxes up in the loft (and cassettes).  I have a wide taste in music from pop to rock and from classical to new age.  I suppose my favourite music is soft rock and new country (which I tend to think of as soft country rock).  Actually thinking uploading all those, it would probably slow down the computer with that much music taking up the valuable space on my 6 year old PC that is showing signs of not being able to cope already.  I think I really do need to start saving for another one. 

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