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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The “Should I be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+” debate

It seems to me from the short time I have been on all of them (2/3 months so far) I have found that they are all totally different from each other.  They all have different things that you need to be able to use and they all have plus and negative points.  Here are my views of them at the moment.  This may of course change once Google+ and the new Facebook changes have settled in.  Read my thoughts and please do let me know your opinions and experiences too as I would love to hear them.


At the end of the day if you only want to use it for keeping in touch with friends you have no choice but to be on the same site that they are using.  You may well prefer Google+ but unless, or until, your friends are using it as well it doesn’t matter a hoot as you can’t talk to them on Facebook if you are on Google+ and vice versa.  You will probably find you need to be with at least Facebook and Twitter anyway as your friends probably use both.  As Google+ progresses, and as it is now being flooded with new people, you may well find you need to be on there as well if you have friends that will be using Google+ more than Facebook.  It has thrown a bit of “a spanner in the works” as it may split the Facebook community in that some of your friends may like Google+ better and hang out there more without going into their Facebook account so much, which will mean that if you want to chat to them you both need to be in the same place for it to work.  Most will probably use both unless they hate change and then they will stay where they are on Facebook, unless all the new changes on there upset their stability enough for them to try another site altogether. 


Twitter is a bit different in that there is no content as such but is easy to use to send quick short messages to your mates (and without a fee for texting).   I find it annoyingly a bit too short (200 key strokes maybe - but 140!!!).  I have a job to précis what I want to say to 140 key strokes and sometimes have to send 2 single sentence tweets.   LinkedIn is only really for the people who are in for more professional discussions or looking for job opportunities although I have noticed there are “less serious” groups on there too.  Although I have noticed that even in the less serious groups the discussions can turn into heated debates sometimes.  So much so that I tend to stay right out of them even if I do have an opinion as I don’t want to get into all the “muck throwing” and would rather leave them to get on with it.  But it is a totally different environment to the other sites and would probably be quite boring for the average Facebook and Twitter users.  Whereas Google+ will attract a lot of Facebook users, I think a lot will still use both.


In a nutshell this is a summary of what I personally have found and seen on these sites:

Facebook   - mates discussing everyday things as they would face to face
Twitter      - short messages, mainly with links to sales or other people
LinkedIn    - “professional” discussions & some rather heated debates
Google+     - friendly discussions, showing products, media discussions


If I had to describe each of their content in one word or two it would be:

Facebook   - mate chatter
Twitter      - marketing
LinkedIn    - serious debates
Google+     - friendly discussions


Or if you wanted to join a site for a particular reason, try these:

Facebook   -friends
Twitter      -sellers
LinkedIn    -jobs
Google+     -acquantances


There are of course extra things on all the sites but this is the type of things that I see mainly in my newsfeed/follows/groups/stream.  Yours may be entirely different because it all depends on who we connect with on these sites.  They all work different in whose feed you actually see and who sees your feed.  The new changes on Facebook mean you can now also decide what particular information you want to see from your friends, so if you are fed up of seeing all their holiday photos or photos of their dog then you can opt out of seeing them.  LOL – they may notice that you have stopped commenting on them though even though they wont know that you have stopped receiving them.


Apart from the time it takes up (LOL - as I well know!) it doesn’t hurt to build up some friends on all of them, even if your local friends are all on just one site.  They are all there for us to use free of charge so just enjoy them.  You can spend as much or as little time as you like on all of them.


And on to todays trivia snippet:

Butterflies taste with their feet.


I thought I would add this for you to have a look at today as I found it very interesting.  It’s about how many people notice if a change takes place right in front of them:

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