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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Oh no...will there be a 3rd?

Ooh I hate that – 2 bad things have happened and we all know everything comes in 3’s.

First I took some crystals down for cleansing which I have to do in batches because I have LOADS of crystals, and I mean loads – thousands if you count the small ones as well.  I can’t seem to stop myself from buying new ones whenever I see ones that I like and that is OFTEN!  It is not that they are necessarily that expensive as the cheaper ones cost anything from £1 upwards (well I have been known to find ones I like for 30p each) although I know some go up to a couple of hundred pounds for the bigger ones like the caverns, but if I see something I like at a reasonable price I just have to have it – well a girl has to buy it there and then because there is only the one of it as they are all unique in colour, size, pattern etc.  So now I am just not allowing myself to look for a while.  There aren’t any local shops that sell them anyway but I did used to regularly go into one in my old home town when I go to the dentist - yes I still go back to the same dentist, which was perfectly ok when my mum was still alive and lived in my home town but is sillier now to drive there when there are so many local dentists – but you tend to get used to the one and as you hopefully only go twice a year it doesn’t matter too much.  There is a lovely little shop there that just sells crystals (well a few other things like incense) and it was just round the corner from my dentist so I just couldn’t help but pop in there every time I went to the dentist which did make every dental appointment very expensive indeed.  But the shop and the dentist have now moved and are at opposite ends of the town which means I would have to make a special effort to go to the crystal shop and I have so far been very good and not detoured up there to it.  The other place I tend to buy them is online especially on some good ebay sites, so now I daren’t even look at my saved searches of those sites because if I see crystals I like I know I will be too tempted, so what I don’t see I can’t buy which keeps temptation at bay.  Anyway, my poor delicate crystal broke into 3 and so I have rehoused it into a mixed pot of crystals rather than a showpiece spot on my table.


The 2nd thing that happened is that I had written out some notes and ideas for some blogs but obviously hadn’t got round to saving them – I know, the cardinal rule is to save everything often but I must have got distracted as I was doing it and then when I came back to the computer last night everything had closed down as we had had one of those (weekly it seems) really annoying Windows Updates that restarts the computer afterwards if you are not there to keep clicking the Restart Later button.  That is annoying in itself as once it has kicked in you have to keep clicking the blooming button every 10 minutes and you daren’t even go for a pee in case it shuts everything down while you aren’t there.  I have so many things open that the last thing I want to do is close everything, let it restart and then open everything again.  Who invented that way of updating the wretched thing anyway I want to know!!!  Why on earth can’t they make it so that it updates the next time you start the computer or gives you the option to restart if you want to if you are the type of person who never closes your computer down.  Why just cut everything off – I can’t be the only one that it peeves off when it does that surely?  I put the occasional note down when I think of it to remind me as my brain is like a sieve these days so I doubt I will remember much, if anything, of the notes I wrote down yesterday and I actually had a good day for some ideas as they were flowing on from each other!!!  Anyway all my notes were gone, but as you can see I had no problem thinking of something to write about today !!!   Grrr!!!


I just hope there isn’t a 3rd thing.  I did have a really bad sick headache today so I will have to hope that that was the 3rd thing.


Here’s todays little snippet of information for you (answer after the picture so you can’t see the answer first, so scroll slowly):

Q.  If you were to spell out numbers (one, two etc), how far would you have to go until you would find the letter “A” in the number.

A.  One thousand

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