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Monday, 12 September 2011

Is Anybody Out There?

You know how you get this feeling that you are talking to yourself?  Well writing my blog seems to be like you having a conversation with the man in your life.  There is just no feedback or very little – well there probably is when you have been blogging for a lot longer than me.  You spend ages writing a blog and chatting away and then notice that no-one reads it much, well you certainly haven’t got many people who have signed up to follow it and you only rarely get any comments and when you specifically ask for comments you don’t get any at all.  It does make you wonder if anyone is actually reading it or maybe the few that show on the statistics could just be opening and then closing it again without reading it.  Personally if I like a blog I click the follow button straight away because I know I may not find or see the blog again if I don’t and I know I can always cancel the following if I did find the blog not to my taste after all, although what I suppose I personally would really do is to just not look at it very often in my blog list if I wasn’t too keen, as I am not one to cancel something I have started. 


It’s funny that people seem to do that on Facebook – they Like your page and then some of them must then Unlike it at some point.  I hadn’t realised at first but have occasionally noticed that my Fan count had gone down by one since the day before so it had to be that someone had Unliked the page.  Now I find that quite weird as I only ever put one new pendant post on there each day and Networked Blogs adds my blog on there, so apart from the occasional post like a query / an FB warning or something unusual like one of my pendants being chosen for a collection, I can’t possibly be sending too many posts to their page as 2 posts a day is not excessive.  For them to become a Fan in the first place they must have liked the page to actually click the Like button in the first place I would have thought, so why the change of heart?  Or do the people who go round doing the “marches” to get Likes for their page cancel yours as soon as they have got you to Like their page?  And if so, why?  I don’t actually even know how you Unlike someone as I have never done it but wouldn’t see the point of doing it anyway.  If you find you are getting too many posts from a particular page you can always Hide their posts so that you don’t get them any more.  Is there a limit to how many pages you can Hide or something?  Do these people go round trying to get Likes and then when they get them they Unlike your page as they don’t want anyone else’s posts on their page at all?  I just find it very strange.


But back to blogging – I don’t know how people keep spending the time blogging if they feel that no-one is reading it – I find it rather disheartening and just hope my followers build up.  I know I have only been blogging for a couple of months so it is early days for me yet but funnily enough I think some of your best ideas are at the beginning of blogging and so it is a shame that the later followers don’t see those earlier blogs unless the specifically look.  I quite like writing my blog but if I thought that I wouldn’t get more followers then I think I would prefer to just keep a journal for my thoughts.  It’s like those cases when you are talking to you man and he keeps grunting in the right places so you think he has heard you but then you realise he hasn’t listened to a word you have said really but has just learnt to grunt in the right places.  We just like to know that someone out there is actually reading what we are taking the time to write and to get the occasional comment in return just to know that what we have written has actually been read, or see the followers count build.  I personally am just keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I will get more followers as it goes along.  I am also totally open to suggestions as to what to include to get a bigger following.


When I think about it there have been a huge amount of comments on LinkedIn about the subject I spoke about yesterday with regards to what people class as Handmade but obviously none of those read my blog as I have had no comments at all so farJ  I was hoping to get some comments from the other side of the fence as it were, from the consumers rather than the sellers.  The comments on LinkedIn have obviously all come from the sellers so it would be nice to know what the buyers think – what they look for and what they expect Handmade to mean.  Also whether it would even make a difference to them if the item they were looking for was called Handmade or Handcrafted or just Unique.


Going off on a different tangent now - we had the first fete in our village yesterday – who on earth chose September for it I just don’t know but actually they were very lucky with the weather as apart from some sprinkles of rain in a couple of showers they only had one real short downpour and as it was so windy everything seemed to dry quite quickly.  My hubby and his partner were the duo for the afternoon.  They had the usual bouncy castle, stalls, raffles, ice cream van etc. as well as races and competitions for different things, and no I didn’t put any of my pendants in for the “Handicraft” (they called it) competition or hire a stall to sell them.  I must say though that the winning marrow was the absolute biggest I have ever seen.  It could have been the pumpkin for Cinderellas coach!  It had a hard knarled looking skin and I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to eat it but it was the size of a sack of potatoes (it must have been 24” long  x 18” x 18”) – it was HUGE.


Now here’s a little bit of knowledge for today (that I didn't know): 

If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle.
If the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died because of wounds received in battle.
If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes. 


And here’s a chuckle to end on:


  1. I spent months blogging before I got any real response at all. I promoted and promoted and promoted on my FB page and finally hit upon the idea of doing a give away or two hosted on my blog. That got the ball rolling for me. I confess I'm not nearly as good about keeping up with my blog as you are :)

  2. I find it takes a good amount of time (6 months or more) before you get a good following. You know, this is the FIRST time I've seen that you blog? Do you tweet too? I find that I tweet my blog and reply to people's tweets, so that they know it's a real person at the other end. It takes time: which is a pest but that I am afraid, is what I've found.

    Good luck with it and I still LIKE your page! :)

  3. And I see that you DO tweet... I must have missed that on Twitter... :/

  4. Thank you O. Sebastian and Princess Tarot for confirming that at least 2 people read my blog:-)
    Yes I am on Twitter as you have seen + Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Kaboodle and Pinterest, so I add my daily blog and my new pendants on all of those. I do need to get some more followers on all the bookmarking sites so that people actually get the link when I add it. Maybe I need to put more effort into that somehow but when the sites linked to my fb & twitter pages it scooped up all that were on them at the time. If there is another good site to collect followers then please do let me know as I think I have joined all the major bookmarking sites.

    I try to add a daily blog because the time whizzes by and if I think I will do it twice or three times a week I know it will suddenly be a whole week without a blog, so if I incorporate it into my daily routine I don't forget. But as it is time consuming that is why it would be nice to know it is actually being read.

    That sounds interesting about hosting a giveaway but I have no idea how to do it so will have to look into that.