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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

New Programmes for Autumn

One good thing about autumn arriving and the kids going back to school is that we get a few decent television programmes coming back on our screens after all the boring summer repeats.  Why is it that they think it is not worth putting any good programmes on in the summer months – I know we are meant to be out in the garden more so they think it may well be wasted to put perfectly good programmes on in the summer but I am sure we all watch some television in the summer, especially with the summer we have had this year.  We have had very few evenings that we would have wanted to spend them outside for the whole evening and so we would all expect to watch some television each night.  I don’t know about you but I never ever watch any programmes when they are actually broadcast.  I only ever watch programmes I have recorded earlier or on a different day.  It is so much easier to just record all I want to watch on Series Timer so that I never miss watching or remembering to record them.  So all I have to do is watch what I want when I want.  Sorry advertisers but you are a thing of the past to me as I have a nice button on my remote that I can press which cuts the adverts out.  Well I am saying “I” – what I really should be saying is “he” because us women are rarely allowed to touch the remote – LOL.  Why is it that men want to have so much control over the TV remote???  And why, when the programme has finished do they feel this absolute need to flick through all the channels afterwards???  If there had been anything else we had wanted to watch / record we would have seen it in the TV magazine.  But it is this inbuilt desire to just check in case they are missing something.  Personally I wish he would also do that (check in case he has missed something) when he is meant to be washing up, as anything that isn’t immediately by the sink doesn’t get washed up and I have given up asking him why he didn’t turn round and scan the kitchen before he thought he had finished.  What I can’t understand is how he misses things when he has meant to have included wiping the worktops down in his washing up routine.  You can’t tell me he lifted up the offending unwashed items, cleaned the surface and then put them back down again to forget.


Back to television programmes – we have been watching The Killing.  It is weird – somehow sort of dark and shady (I mean the filming, not the plot).  It is also very unrealistic in how the police are working the case and the people in it.  Has the lead detective given in her notice or not, how come she can leave her teenage son on his own and not get him taken away by social services (in fact he was actually staying with a social worker!!!) and then his mum took him to a motel and dumped him to go to work.  It brings into dispute so many things – the detective, the social worker, the 2nd detective who takes drugs and dresses like he is undercover etc.  It has spent an awful lot of the 13 episodes prolonging the plight of the grief stricken parents of the girl who was killed which is the basis of the whole story, a story which could have been told in a two hour programme.  They have included exactly why police officers shouldn’t (and wouldn’t in real life) give out information to the parents as to who they think it may be before they have confirmed the killer and have definite proof, so that the father doesn’t beat an innocent man senseless and leave him fighting for his life in hospital.  This weeks episode could have been missed out altogether as we would have missed nothing about the story.  This week the mum detective had a call from the school to say the son (who was left on his own all the time anyway) had not been to school for 3 days.  So suddenly the whole episode goes off from rushing around trying to find the girls killer to spending the whole day trying to find the detectives son who, although he hadn’t been at school for 3 days, had been going home as though nothing was amiss (has she heard of truancy?  and does she just drop the job in hand to find him?).  There was no danger or urgency seeing as he hadn’t disappeared but had just not been at school.  Wouldn’t the normal thing had been to wait until he came home that day???  But no, just drop everything in this urgent murder case to spend the whole episode looking for the son as if he had gone missing and was in danger.  Guess what, where do you think he had been – to see his father.  Now if I was him and my mum was abandoning me for hours on end at all times of day and night, I think I would have gone to see my father too – he can’t possibly be a worse parent than his mother.  Anyway as bad as the series has been, it has been interesting enough to make me watch each episode, so next time it is a double episode to finish the series.  That is another strange thing they do on TV – why a double episode, not that I mind, but I just wonder why they do that.


I did watch Doc Martin last night – I am so pleased that has come back on our screens as it is a great programme and makes me chuckle.  For some reason Martin Clunes seems to be one of those actors that people love or hate, and I think he is great.  The people who wont watch the programme just because he is in it are missing a brilliant programme.


LOL – and for todays startling piece of trivia:

The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV was Fred and Wilma Flintstone

And for todays chuckle:

Best speeding excuse ever:
When asked by a young patrol officer "Do you know you were speeding?"
This 83-year-old woman gave the young officer an ear to ear smile and stated:
"Yes, but .... I had to get there before I forgot where I was going."
The officer put his ticket book away and bid her good day.
Makes perfectly good sense to me.

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