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Monday, 5 September 2011

New Banner Creation

I have been playing around with my ArtFire banner today.  I know I only joined ArtFire in June to start selling my pendants online so should have had it all sorted out by now but unfortunately they have just changed the whole layout and everything with a whole new revamp of their site.  This meant that my recently paid for banner didn’t fit any more as they have now made a bigger space for the banners and also added a 3D type plate in front of the banner space so that it cuts off the right hand side of your banner.  It always happens to me J


But what affected me most is that my banner couldn’t be made bigger as stretching it would lose all the definition.  So I had a dilemma – use my normal banner on a complementary background or have a new banner made which would then mean that my Avatar wouldn’t match.  If I changed that as well it would be awkward as people were just getting to know my Avatar picture on all my other things – FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.  So I took the easy (and cheaper) route and plonked for the option of keeping my old banner but on a matching background and paid to have it redone - moved left (to show as much as possible of the banner) but staying at the original size with a blue background to match the butterflies in my banner.  She did a very good job with the background too to make it match as near as possible with ArtFire’s new background with a shading effect.  The trouble is that it was still lost behind the 3D bit on the right and on my Facebook Kiosk it then looked blank on the right as thee was obviously no 3D plate on there in front of the banner. 


But then a really kind fellow ArtFire lady offered to play around with my banner for me and has come up with some different options for me.  She has made my original name banner smaller to fit in the gap that ArtFire left beside their 3D bit and has filled the rest with the swirls that I wanted.  I have installed my current favourite if you want to have a look at what my post today is all about.  I have asked her if she can make a slight alternative so if that comes out better I will swop it again. 


Please have a look at both the ways it turns out on my ArtFire shop and on my Facebook page as I would love to hear what you think.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the banner.


And I will leave you to ponder on this:


  1. LOVE the sign.. I wonder how many people fell for it?
    Your banner is pretty..
    Personally I think the banner looks kind of small on facebook. The way that it was fixed in your shop works, but doesn't pop as much as if were full size.
    How long before the Artfire change banner size change over was your banner done? I'm not user if this is a designer that has an Artfire shop or not, but if they do, they knew the change was coming, and should have accommodated you for it. Artfire provided a template to make the banner so that it didn't interfere with the 3-D seller info image.
    If you want to have your banner redone in the future, I can help you out.


  2. I also think the sign looks way too small on FB but I figured it may be less important than trying to change my Avatar that everyone has now got used to as my "photo" on everything. Ideally I would have had it stretched but it would look silly. I bought it in June but I don't think anyone knew about ArtFire's plans to change everything at that point (she is on ArtFire). A lot of people have been complaining about their banner not fitting any more so I guess a lot of people were caught out as they suddenly needed to be a lot bigger as well as their 3D plate being in the way.

  3. What format did she give you the banner in? If she has it in .ai (adobe illustrator) it can be resized.
    You could always do something similar.. but not exact.