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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Oh no, I can't dance

Oh No - I went to see the orthopaedic consultant about my achilles tendonitis again yesterday and he still recommends that I don't go back to dancing yet!!!  Major knockback!!!  It's so annoying as I miss the dancing which I loved and I miss the people we used to see there.  But most annoying is that without being able to do any exercise the weight keeps creeping up and it is a vicious circle because the extra weight means more to carry on my legs which makes my achilles tendons have to work harder.  Oh what does a girl have to do!!! 

Plus I should be doing aerobic exercise for my heart as I have atrial fibrillation.  I am not a big eater and we eat quite healthily (apart from the occasional bar of chocolate or strawberries and cream type things) so I can't actually cut too much out either - I just need to be able to exercise!  I am usually so busy up here in the office that I only tend to eat 2 meals a day too.  (Yes I know that is bad too).  I am never bothered about eating or drinking when I get up so often only have water until about 4/5 hours after I get up.  Then I have a brunch and later have an evening meal which we eat while watching TV so I can't really eat much less unless I cut out anything of interest in the food I do eat at all, like having no potatoes or no dumplings in the stew etc.  How boring does my food have to be!  I obviously just need to exercise to get my metabolism going and it looks like I wont be able to do that for a while L 

Of course hubby doesn't really mind as he wasn’t really too keen  to go back to dancing - he missed the people but not the dancing (LOL - saves his brain having to work so hard when he doesn't have to learn 2 or more new dances each week).  I keep thinking maybe we should just give it a try anyway but I can remember the continual pain from last year only too well and not sure if I want to risk it.  The consultant says the tendons will never be back to how they were so it is not like they will ever be 100% and if I knew that as soon as I got any pain I should stop then that would be ok but the theory is that if I do too much they could rupture and I would be worse off.  The 45 minute walk we do with the dogs each day is ok on my legs (as long as it isn't a bumpy field path) but it isn't exactly aerobic so it doesn't help my heart or my weight. 

Why is it that when athletes get the problem they get over it so much quicker – my hubby says it is their age but personally I think it is because they have fitness trainers etc. who know exactly what they should do the moment they get an injury and react / treat it accordingly to get them back into training as soon as possible.  I probably did all the things I shouldn’t do, like carry on dancing that evening and for the next few months through the pain because I love dancing so much until it got so incredibly painful that I had to stop.  Obviously I am a perfect example of “What Not To Do”.

Here is another Did You Know:

Coke Cola was originally green.

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