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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Stickers that wont come off.

I was round my daughters the other day and my granddaughter had got some stickers that came with a cake.  While us adults were talking her Dad realised she was sticking them all over the kitchen.  Now my daughter is very houseproud and so he told my granddaughter very quietly that she needed to stick them on something other than the walls, kitchen units, oven etc. but when he went to get them off without my daughter noticing they wouldn’t come off!  The one she had stuck on the wall took the paint off with it (which as a custom colour – oops).  At this point my granddaughter got upset and started crying because there was not a white patch on the wall.  Her dad was trying to scratch one off the oven and that wouldn’t come off, then he spotted one on the granite worktop which my daughter is constantly wiping clean and it is always spotless.  He tried to surreptitiously scratch it off before my daughter spotted it and went bananas.  But in the end she noticed and surprisingly didn’t get too annoyed – she probably hadn’t realised how permanent the stickers seemed to be.  We left shortly afterwards so I hope they managed to get them off and get some more paint made up in the right colour to cover the patch.  I will ring her tomorrow when it has died down a bit and see how they got on.

I like to post my jewellery orders the following day (the same day if they are early enough) but the last post in our village goes at 4 p.m. so most times the orders go the next day.  Yesterday I was getting the orders ready and it was dull and raining but then the sun came out so I made use of the opportunity to finish a custom bracelet and get it photographed while it was still bright – it was only 2.30 so I thought there would be plenty of time to just finish packaging the orders afterwards.

So far so good.  I finished the bracelet and sent the photos then got back to the packaging – still bright outside so that was ok.  I got myself and the dogs ready for the walk and as I got up the drive it started spitting with rain.  Now this was not good especially as I hadn’t done my coat up and had 2 dog leads as well as carrying the parcels.  By the time I had only walked past about 4 houses it started tipping with rain.  I tried struggling with the zipper on my coat but to no avail as I just had too much in my hands.  Well I can most definitely say that by the time I got to the post office I was soaking wet as the wind was blowing towards me too.  As soon as I had the chance I zipped up my coat for the return journey but by the time we got back the rain was dripping off my hair and the dogs were dripping wet too.  So much for making the most of the sun for photographs!

I have had a run on bracelets lately.  I have always made bracelets and earrings as well as pendants but pendant are my main thing which is why I called my jewellery Pendant-Heaven but it seems funny lately that I have had so many people buying bracelets.  I have found the trend at the moment is for the big beaded bracelets as the Pandora bracelets seem to be “in” but are so expensive for what they are so people are looking for alternative cheaper ones.  It’s funny how trends change – it is now big bead bracelets and simple gemstone pendants on a necklace with no beads.

Today’s trivia snippet:

Oak trees do not produce acorns until they are fifty (50) years of age or older.

And lastly today’s chuckle:


  1. You could try using some pure essential oil (lavender or lemon work best) on the 'stickers which dont come off'.... Always works for me :) Best of luck xx

  2. I couldn't believe it when I told me daughter about the suggestions - I emailed her as I couldn't get her on the phone and she wrote back "what stickers?" so I can only imagine that after we went home her partner had got them off somehow very quickly as he knew what she would be like otherwise (as she is very houseproud). It wasn't actually the white backing that was the problem as they weren't that type of sticker - the were transparent and plastic. I think her partner must have scratched them off because that was what he was trying to do when we were there:-)