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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Mice and Men

We must have caught about 15 - 20 mice now but hopefully we are on top of the problem as it has been quiet today.  They are somehow living in between the ground floor and the bedrooms upstairs so we can hear them scampering across the ceilings when we are downstairs.  We have 7 traps that we are trying to catch them in and have them in various places in the garage (their only access point that we can find).  We cut a hole in the garage ceiling a put one up there with a piece of string attached as they tend to ping out of reach when they go off – that one has been quite successful.  We pulled one of the kitchen spot lights down and put a trap up there on a piece of string as well but we haven’t caught anything with that one.  Cheese still seems the favourite mouse snack especially if it has crunchy peanut butter on it.  A friend said about chocolate but so far we haven’t tried that as we haven’t been anywhere to get any chocolate since she told us.  It seems such a waste of good chocolateJ

I am not sure if there is a bigger problem than normal this year with mice getting into houses or it is just that when you have a problem and mention it others also tell you about their mouse problem.  Everyone we seem to have mentioned it to either has a problem themselves or knows someone else who has.  Maybe nature is making them come in this winter after the harsh winter we had last year.

I was talking earlier in the week about my husband not putting his phone on very often. Yesterday was a classic example.  He had an acupuncture appointment and I need to have a blood test and an x-ray so we decided I would go along with him at the same time.  He duly dropped me off at the South Wing of the hospital and went on to the North Wing for his treatment, thinking I would be longer waiting in the queues for the tests than his treatment would take.  Well I was all done and out before his appointment was even due - apparently it is always quite quiet for blood tests in the school holidays - I have no answer to why that should be though.  Anyway I sat reading for a while after texting him to say I was ready.  I went outside about 10 minutes after his appointment should have ended thinking he would be picking me up soon.  Ages later he still hadn't arrived so I rang him - straight to answerphone!  Finally he walked over from the car park to see if I was around yet as he hadn't heard from me.  He hadn’t bothered to try to ring me!  We obviously discussed something might be wrong with his phone and if he had it switched on which he assured me he had, so when we got home I got him to look at it and guess what – the battery had run out which he said must have been after he put it in his pocket when he had switched it on.  Must be coincidence though as mine would bleep me straight away to show a text or a missed call so I am wondering if he ever did actually remember to turn it on???

You wont believe it but since getting this ready to post earlier in the day our mouse problem is back!  When we came back from the dog walk one of the cats was intently checking out a place under one of the kitchen units!  After intensive investigation we found that all the kitchen cupboards are completely sealed apart from the one under the sink.  There is no food in there and even food scraps don’t go into the bin in there as our county has a waste food recycle bin.  The cupboards did get a good searching and a rearranging though to make sure there were no signs that any mice had been in there.  But the traps in the garage had caught 2 again so out problem is not over – they have just been quieter than normal!

Today’s snippet of useless information:

A duck's quack doesn't echo and no one knows why.

Hopefully these will produce a little laugh today:

These are real comments made in courts:

Q: "Is your appearance here this morning pursuant to a deposition notice which I sent to your attorney?"
A: "No, this is how I dress when I go to work."

Q: "Doctor, how many autopsies have you performed on dead people?"
A: "All my autopsies are performed on dead people."

Q: "All your responses must be oral, OK? What school did you go to?"
A: "Oral."

Q: "Do you recall the time that you examined the body?"
A: "The autopsy started around 8:30 p.m."
Q: "And Mr. Dennington was dead at the time?"
A: "No, he was sitting on the table wondering why I was doing an autopsy."

Q: "You were not shot in the fracas?"
A: "No, I was shot midway between the fracas and the naval."

Q: "Are you qualified to give a urine sample?"
A: "I have been since early childhood."

Q: "Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse?"
A: "No."
Q: "Did you check for blood pressure?"
A: "No."
Q: "Did you check for breathing?"
A: "No."
Q: "So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy?"
A: "No."
Q: "How can you be so sure, doctor?"
A: "Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar."
Q: "But could the patient have still been alive nevertheless?"
A: "It is possible that he could have been alive and practicing law somewhere."


  1. We too have had mice scampering around in between the floor boards, above my head when downstairs, under my feet when upstairs, final straw came when woke up one night and thought I had a cat in the bedroom, then realised a little so and so was in there instead. We got a couple of those electric pest repellent things that you plug into sockets and it creates a rotating high pitch frequency that the little critters dont like and the naff off, havent heard any for ages. Also it doesnt bother the cats, at least one downstairs and at least one upstairs! Sorted.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion - guess where I am going shopping tomorrow. I hadn't realised the noise was ok for cats and dogs.

    You know how you shouldn't give thought to something or it manifests. Well since I published my post we have caught 5 young mice this evening (well ok he caught) and at this moment in time we have one loose in the utility room (the worst room to lose a mouse in with all the hiding places under the machines) as one of the cats caught one and then let it go in there!