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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Computers and Gadgets and Me

Am I one of the few very internet savvy people who just doesn’t use all the new “gadgets”.  Everyone I know either has no idea about computers and the internet much at all or they use the internet and always have the newest phone on the market and every other gadget available the moment they come out in the shops.  I will be left behind by the 5 year olds pretty soon!

I have a reasonably new phone that takes photos and videos but I only ever use it as a phone.  I only use it to text people or to take with me when I go out in case I need to use a phone or someone needs to get hold of me.  That is when I can find it in my bag – LOL.  Why is it always hiding somewhere right at the bottom when I have specifically put it near the top on the same side as the zip starts to open???!!! I had to take off the answer service as that definitely always cut in before I had retrieved my phone from the hidden depths of my bag. 

I have taken photos with my phone but I don’t use if for taking photos or videos.  I use my normal digital camera for photos and I don’t really take videos although it would have been lovely to have had the new camera when the pups were young because I could have certainly got some great video footage then.  I seemed to find it impossible to capture good photos on the old camera as the pups were too fast for me to take the photos as the camera was very slow – aim, click, count to 2 then it took the photo!!!  I have some great ones of a cream or black blur as they moved just as I snapped the shot and some with their feet back on the ground when I missed catching them jumping in the air when I took the shot.  That particular camera, although digital, was not very good so when I needed to start taking photos of the jewellery I had to buy a new camera but the pups had grown up a lot by then.

As anyone knows who reads my blog, taking photos of the jewellery has been a long standing pain in the neck.  I had just about got it right by the end of the summer as I knew what time of day to take the photos and even though I had to hang over the bathroom sink to take the photos on the bathroom windowsill they weren’t coming out too bad.  But then it got a lot duller through the autumn so I am having more problems now and what sun there is seems to leave a big slash of sunlight across the pendants instead of the nice crisp bright bit at the top of the gemstone. 

But back to gadgets – I feel really silly considering I am on the internet sites so much that I really have no idea what some of the new gadgets and phones are – I know all the names but in no way could I tell you the difference between a Smart phone and any other phone.  I have no idea what an Android is or an Ice Cream Sandwich – I think they are both versions of a Smart phone but could be totally wrong.  They have been mentioned 6 zillion times on Google+ but there were so many posts about them that I just mentally switched off. 

I use the main computer and leave the laptop for my husband to use as it seems slower but also I can only get my emails on the main computer so it is important that I am on here.  I don’t have a Notebook or any other online device other than the main computer.  I don’t go online on my phone either.  So although I am very knowledgeable on the computer and internet (well compared to my friends anyway) I feel very old-fashioned where phones and other devices come into it.  In a few years time I will have to consult my grandchildren I suppose.

Today’s trivia snippet which you will find really important to know - LOL:

It is possible to lead a cow upstairs...   but, not downstairs.

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