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Thursday, 28 June 2012

What happened to the handy local shops?

I know all the reasons why they don’t exist in small towns any more – but it is just not on when I want something and would have to travel a long way to buy it!  J

Someone had a photo of their tarot reading set-up and had a really lovely soft velvet blue cloth on a small square table and I thought it would be excellent to get one.  

I want a really sumptuously soft royal blue or purple fringed one and have been searching online for hours checking out scarves, square shawls, tablecloths etc. trying to find one, or even the material so that I can possibly make one - although that would mean having to dig the dreaded sewing machine out of hibernation in the loft to add the fringing.

But I have had no joy whatsoever - I think I really need to check out car boot sales etc. although I would never be up in time to go to one.  We used to have haberdashery type shops or stores around to buy material but they all seem to be long gone.  

I suppose I could check out local markets or go to a big town and try a department store.  But do I want one that much???!!!  Especially as they may not even have what I want when I get there.

I have found some heavy velvet/velour material on eBay for curtains or dressmaking but I am not sure that will actually be the thick soft plush velvet I am thinking of, although they probably don’t even make that type of fabric any more as it is too expensive and everyone wants the thinner stretchy velour type material now.

I just hate sewing at the best of times so would much prefer to buy it already made especially as my sewing machine has this nasty habit of chugging nicely along, teasing me into thinking all is well, and then it suddenly jams and totally annialates the fabric by bunching it all up and getting the cotton all knotted up in a huge bundle.  

This then takes me an hour to unpick, then check the machine that always seems to look all innocent with nothing wrong, and then having to try it again with fingers and toes crossed just hoping it will get to the end without ruining it any more.

I don’t even know why I am that bothered about getting some velvet material as I already have some perfectly good black velour material that has silvery white specks on it that I use (no fringing though) that looks really good with the tarot cards.  

I originally bought this from my belly dancing teacher with the idea of making a hip scarf with it for doing my belly dancing, but it just sat in the drawer for ages as I bought a couple of ready-made satin ones with coins on to jiggle and shimmer nicely instead.  I do love the material and it is perfect, but it would be lovely to have the sumptuous velvet fringed one as an alternative.

I do wonder though if they even still make what I have in mind without it costing an arm and a leg plus only being available in very elite stores.

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