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Monday, 2 July 2012

Will She Come? A poem by me.

I have never written a poem before and hated doing this type of thing in school but the other day I felt inspired to write one for some reason. 

I just started typing and let it flow - I had no idea where it was going when I started but just ran with it as it went along.  It is not about my personal experience or anyone I know.

I know it is very basic but it is a start and who knows I may well be inspired to write some more, which can only get better.

Will She Come?

I was waiting there for ever
Just hoping she would show
I guess I had my answer
But I really needed to know

She seemed a tad dubious
When we spoke on the phone
But I was hoping I had it wrong
As I didn’t want to be alone

It seemed we had the right connections
Both liking the same things
Now it seems I would never know
Just what our togetherness brings

I looked at my watch
Just one last time
If I could turn it back
Then it could be fine

No it’s way too late now
Time to give up and go
There’s no way now
That she’s going to show

I turn away to go home
My head bent in sorrow
Perhaps I’ll go to the pub
And save the tears for tomorrow

I hear my name called
Think - I’m hearing things now
I turn just to see
And there she is – wow!

She runs through the crowd
Said she’s so sorry she was late
She thought I’d be gone
Couldn’t believe I would wait

She told me she’d left early
In plenty of time for our date
But there was a hold up on the tube
Which had made her so late

To cut a long story short
And we laugh about it still
How our first real date
Nearly went down the hill

We have been together now
For thirty four happy years
At first I was so nervous
But she quelled all those fears

We fit like a glove
Our feelings were right
We are perfect together
Ever since that first night

©Suzy Jenkins June 2012

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