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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Importing CD’s to the Computer (Update)

I thought I would give you an update on my putting music on the computer saga! 

Well the CD importing came to an abrupt stop for quite a while as I ran out of space to put them on the 2 laptops and the main PC!  Not something I had expected at all. 

I had obviously realised early on that I couldn’t put much on the 144GB main computer but as the laptops didn’t really have anything stored on them I thought they would be OK.  No such luck.

Oh what a state I got myself into – I was having to juggle it all around to get the ones I wanted most on the iPod, some of which I haven’t even managed to import yet.  So I was having to transfer imported music from one laptop to the other, a few at a time back and forth, to get what I wanted on just one laptop to copy to be able to sync the iPod.

I had presumed I could just add the music from EACH of the laptops and the PC but realised belatedly that you can only “sync” it from one device.  If you plug it into any of the others it syncs everything from that one and overwrites what I have already put in from the first one. 

You would think there would be a way of adding rather than overwriting but hey isn’t that just too obvious a requirement for the designers.  There could be an overwrite choice or an add choice.  Surely that wouldn’t be too hard, after all iTunes let’s you add up to 5 computers to the network so why can’t you add music from each of those?  Makes sense to me. 

So anyway you can only sync from one computer, although you can add things manually from that computer so you don’t have to add everything.  It is frightening though as I had to sync them all again once and then when you go to add some more songs manually it comes up with the little warning box that it will overwrite them which you have to click to confirm.  But then you can add them manually.  So why have the warning box come up at all when the manual box is ticked???!!!  Who designs these things!

Sooo – it was either buy an external hard drive to add all the music to or buy a new computer that we had been putting off for so long. 

After many, many hours of talking about it and checking prices online we finally decided we may as well put the money towards a better computer so we wouldn’t need an external hard drive.  Or not yet anyway, as we would feel safe in that everything is stored on Carbonite.  I will just try to convince myself of how much I have saved rather than how much I have spent.

As soon as my new computer arrived I have spent the requisite number of hours pulling my hair out trying to get it running and all the data transferred before I could get the final third of my CD’s imported and transfer all the others from the laptops so they have memory space to do things again.  Of course this will mean syncing the iPod yet again, with the new computer this time.

I should think in about 3 months time I will finally emerge from IT computer world, Carbonite will have finally backed it all up, and I can get back to doing normal things! J

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