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Saturday, 16 June 2012

My Recent Experiences with Private Health Care Appointments

Well how is this for private health care (in England)!  I am seriously wondering if it is worth trying to keep up my private healthcare payment now I am not working full time.

Problem 1

I had an appointment a few weeks ago for an eye problem - I drove half an hour to get there and when I got in to see him he said he doesn't do those procedures now and said he would refer me to someone who does.  

Seeing as the letter from my optician and doctor must have clearly stated the problem then he or his secretary should have informed me of this instead of making the appointment.

Problem 2

I drove half an hour to the same private hospital for an appointment about my back.  On arrival the receptionist looked baffled and then said she would get someone to come and see me as the consultant had no clinic there that morning.  

A lady came out and said that although my letter clearly stated the time and hospital, they had booked me in at a hospital miles away at that time instead.  However he did have a clinic at this hospital that evening and they could book me into that if I would like to come back.

I did go back later and all the consultant said was "did you not fancy a trip over to the other hospital" - I refrained from saying that unless I could be teleported it would have taken me a further hour to get there so would obviously not be in time for the appointment, as I was at the correct place on the letter at the correct time.  

He then just casually mentioned that this happens all the time.  WHAT - this is private and even the NHS doesn't get it that wrong!!!  

Not one word of apology!!!

If I had taken time off work I would have been even more infuriated as it would have cost me wages as well as fuel.

Plus he asked me if I had the doctor’s referral letter as he hadn't - I replied that I hadn't but he should have, otherwise how would I have received an appointment in the post without ever having contacted him.  

He also said he couldn't find my MRI scan and would have to try and track it down.  To that I said, “I have a copy of the disc in my handbag if you would like to borrow it”.  That was £10 well spent in getting my own copy!

I am even wondering who I could possibly complain to about any of this as he obviously wasn't bothered - the hospital? (they only book the rooms not the clients I presume), the secretaries? (like they are likely to bother any more than him), the insurance provider? (it didn't cost them any more and it wasn't their fault).  

I can only see that he is to blame because he is expected to take responsibility for his secretaries but he didn't seem to think it a problem at all - why one earth not as it must waste his time as well as his clients time.
I does make you wonder, doesn't it..........

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