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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Money Saving Tips for Beauty Products

I have recently started getting a lot more use out of some of my beauty products and it works on many other things too.

You know how so many things now come in those plastic tubes that stand up on their lids?  It gives the impression that when you get to the end and have squeezed the last bit out that you have used all the product.  After all, it is standing up so everything will have drained down, right?  Wrong!  As the product is usually quite thick it just clings to the sides of the container.

 I have found you can get an awful lot more out after that.  Just cut the tube right across from side to side about half way down so you have 2 halves of the tube and you will find there is loads of product still left inside. 

The top half will fit nicely as a lid over the bottom part to keep the product in good condition and it wont dry up.

I have done this with my shower gel, face wash and my moisturiser.  You can afford to pay for the expensive products when you realise how long they can last.  I have still not finished the face wash and I have been using it daily since I cut it in half for over 3 weeks now so I think I will get another months use out of it from what I would have originally thought.

It is quite annoying to think of all those tubes I have thrown away thinking they are empty when really there is still lots of product just stuck to the sides.  They may say 250ml or something on the outside because that is the amount that went into the tube but probably 30-50ml just sticks to the inside of the tube.

It will work with toothpaste as well if your toothpaste comes in those types of tube.  Mine comes in a metal tube that you can keep folding up to make sure you get the most of the product (the same as tomato puree tubes).

So think twice before you throw away a tube that you presume is empty and check how much is still inside just clinging to the sides of the tube - you can possible get a whole months more use out of it which will save your pennies, or pounds / dollars in the case of the expensive beauty products.

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