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Friday, 12 April 2013

Why Oh Why!

These things always happen to me!

I'm tired and just on my way to bed, so at the last minute want to put some hand cream on.
But the tube is almost empty and no matter how much I squeeze nothing will come out.

So I squeeze from the bottom as if I am milking a cow (well I imagine, as I've never actually done that of course).  Still nothing comes out.

Next I try folding the bottom over to try and make it come up like in a toothpaste tube - but no, they make the tubes so that they wont fold over.
Now this is definitely so you don't get the full amount clearly labelled on the tube to use at all!

Now I should at this point go and get the scissors to cut through the tube 2/3 of the way down to get at the cream inside and use the top 2/3 as the lid - but can I be bothered to go and get the scissors - oh no!

So I give it a few sharp shakes downwards to hopefully throw the cream down to the opening - it works a bit and a tiny amount comes out - sooo I shake it down some more, open the end and give it a big squeeze.

Yep, you've got it - I get a whole dollop out - way too much!!!

No amount of rubbing gets it to absorb that much into my hands, so up go the sleeves and I try rubbing the surplus into my arms too - still way too much.  

So down come the pyjama trousers and I now have enough cream left to moisturise my legs too!

Now if only I had just made the effort to get those scissors I would have been in bed much quicker and had enough hand cream left for another 3 weeks!

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