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Sunday, 4 August 2013

My psychic dog

Incredible!  How psychic is my dog!!!

A couple of times over the last week she hasn't wanted to go for a walk even though our other dog has gone quite happily.

Yesterday she came up and jumped on my lap at the computer and was physically shaking as much as she did with the fireworks last year and yet there were no storms around, no loud noises or anything to be worried about.  

After a few minutes I heard OH downstairs and called and asked him if there was anything for her to be frightened of and he said nothing he could think of.  He said he was just about to take them for a walk over the fields.

Both dogs and OH went downstairs but as he got her lead she came back up again and jumped on my lap.  In the end she could be persuaded to go.

They went for a long walk but on the way back they had to cross a bridge over a deep ditch between 2 fields with hedges both sides so you can't really see what's over the bridge in the next field.

Our little dogs were off lead and just going over the bridge when they suddenly met 3 huge dogs coming the other way, also off-lead (young dogs and not vicious or anything, but boisterous and totally overwhelming to our little ones - OH recognised one as a Newfoundland and he said the others were almost as big).

Anyway it frightened our dogs so much that one turned tail and ran for home but the other one got trapped by the big dogs on the bridge and fell off - 8 feet down into a couple of inches of water but the ditch is totally overgrown all round.  

OH and the man with the other dogs couldn't see her or find a way to get down at first, although finally managed it and luckily she was more or less where she fell rather than trying to follow the ditch.

So was that the reason she was so frightened before she even left the house and why she didn't really want to go? 

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