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Thursday, 2 August 2012

One for the Ladies – Really!!! What do they expect?

Why is it that some men seem to think that on social media sites they can pick up women by saying something stupid like “I like you – we get together”?  You know all the stupid in your face comments that someone you have never ever spoken to before say on your posts.  

I have forgotten most of the comments but there are so many messages like this!  And for the sake of keeping this blog “clean” I wont even repeat some of the messages.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mean ALL men are like this and men from Western countries would know never to act like this, but there is a whole group of men from Eastern countries that seem to think it is the right way to start a conversation with a woman – even in the middle of a thread sometimes.

Do they walk up to women in the street where they live and say the same thing?  If so, do they really expect a good response?  Or do they think we are different and will be overwhelmed by their attention?

Men’s chat-up lines have always been a bit of a joke – “Do you come here often”, “I haven’t seen you here before”, “What’s a nice looking girl like you doing here on your own” etc., but men never used to be quite so direct as the Eastern men are on social media sites.

Do they really expect us ladies to respond and start chatting to them online?  What’s more, what do they expect to achieve from it anyway.  They live half way across the world for heaven’s sake. 

Do they think we will pay for them to come over to see us and marry them so they can get out of their country?  Do they think we are any better than their own women?  What is the fascination with trying to chat up women so far away anyway?

Surely they should realise that the softly softly get to know her approach would be the better option as their direct approach is an automatic turn-off and block.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Suzy. I have also had this odd thing happen, on Fcbk of all places. Your question about what do they expect and how unrealistic it is, I have a partial answer to---there is a growing problem now of men posing online as a different character and seriously involving a woman in what she thinks is a real relationship with an actual future. Sometimes these guys are married. It can have an addictive quality.
    But, on the lighter side, isn't it nice to have a blog so you can rant once in a while? I had to smile as I read your post. Thanks always for sharing, Paula