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Friday, 29 July 2011

My first ever blog - so don't stop reading yet

Everyone kept telling me I should have a blog and I have been meaning to try it for ages but I was so nervous as I hated essay writing at school, so I put this off until the last possible minute.  

But now I have my Artfire studio up and running I decided it was time to take the bull by the horns and give it a try - after all what have I got to lose - if no-one sees it or likes it I wont know and if they leave comments it will probably help me improve it.  

I should really have looked at other people's blogs more before I started my own but I never seem to have the time at the moment to read other people's blogs which means they probably wont have time to read mine either!  I am too busy photographing the pendants, listing items in my Artfire studio, learning facebook and twitter as well as still listing the jewellery on ebay.

I will get this up and running and iron out the creases so that in the next blog I can tell you a bit about myself and how I came to make natural gemstone pendants.  

If anyone does read this and has ideas on the sort of thing I should include in my blog I will be only too happy to hear them :)  I think I will need all the help I can get.  As all this media stuff is new to me I am having to learn as I go and try to learn quickly.  

The pendants don't sell themselves now that I have exhausted the local market of friends and relatives.  I had made so many that I had built up quite a stock before I started the daunting task of selling them online so I guess that is a good thing as I can now spend some time working out how to market them instead of having to make them at the same time.  I do still spend some time making them though because isn't that what it was all about in the first place - enjoying making jewellery.  I used to work in an office and it seems at the moment that I am back in my office full time and more!

My pendants are unique and handmade by me in the UK and are all one-off so you wont ever see another one exactly the same, unlike all the supermarket and chain store pendants, even though my pendants are in the same price range.

Anyway, I am signing off....until next time.


  1. There you go, first post done and posted in the big scary *out there*. I know how you feel, its really weird just writing stuff, not knowing if anyone is going to read or enjoy it but dont worry about it, if they dont enjoy it they wont follow, if they are interested in what you do and enjoy reading your posts then they will, just write as you would talk to someone (as you have) then people will be able to get to know you, dont make all your posts about your pendants (as amazing as they are), write about anything and everything, a particular event, something that happened that day, a surprise etc etc, check mine out if you fancy a donder around the confused mind of a yarn addict!

  2. Great first post! Shared on Facebook and Twitter.